Beard Rash ? What is It & How To Treat It .

beard rash , what is it and how to treat itYour beard is adorable as it provides that masculine sophistication you just need. Unfortunately, its growth can bring some drawbacks if you don’t take good care of it. Are you beardoholic but inflammations and barber itch keep getting in your way? You can stop beard rash for good if you take some six good steps. Before that, you need to understand what really causes the red swollen bumps under beard.

What is beard rash?

Commonly known as the barber’s itch, beard rash is an irritation that occurs on the skin under facial hair. It is a consequence of friction between the stubble and bare skin. The condition worsens if the itchy area gets infected by bacteria and hurts if not treated. The rash can also result from an untreated skin infection. Here are more reasons why your facial hair irritates:

  • Constant shaving
  • Poor personal hygiene
  • Use of traditional hair shampoo on beard
  • Failure to moisturize your skin

How to Stop the Beard Rash

If you are reading this, chances are that your beard is itchy. You need to stop scratching! Yes, it is uncomfortable and painful but scratching will drive you crazy and make things worse. Now follow these 6 steps.

1. Clean your face daily

Clean face daily for good beardEvery day, your face requires cleaning to reduce chances of germs accumulation. Note that your beard should be washed directly twice or thrice a week but the face needs a daily wash.

If the rash is present, apply soft anti-bacterial cleaner to facilitate a healthy skin to prevent reoccurrence of the rush. After washing the face, do not rub with a towel but rather tap it to avoid spreading the rash under beard.

2. Wash beard 2-3 times a week

A clean face is the first step to staying rash-free but the beard too has to be taken care of. Beard is androgenic meaning that its growth is determined by testosterone. Therefore, you cannot treat beard the same way you do your head hair.

Typical shampoos and soaps can cause the skin under beard to crack and give you problems because they erode sebum which is a natural lubricator. If the skin under beard dries, the cells start to shed off. If you don’t clean beard regularly, those dead cells get trapped inside your stubble, encouraging beard curls, painful in-growths and irritation.

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You can cleanse your beard in two methods: beard wash (using gentle beard shampoo) and simple cleaning with water only. The former is highly recommended. When cleaning, make sure that you brush the hair to make the dead skin cells loose and other dirt. Use warm water to rinse it thoroughly. Washing keeps a neat and fresh-smelling goatee. After washing apply a conditioner to soften the beard and comb it thoroughly.

3. Hydrated yourself

Hydrated yourself for good beard
Dry skin under beard is more prone to beard rash while a moist skin encourages cell growth and healthy surface. If you have a beard rash, the first thing you notice is small pustules coming off the skin while shaving. As soon as you notice the condition, you should use a clean cloth soaked in salty water and massage the rash area gently for 15 minutes.

To keep your skin hydrated, you need to make water your closest friend- from drinking to showering. Ensure that you cleanse your manly goatee regularly and massage it with beard oil twice a day. The oil is great at preventing dandruff and fighting other skin problems. Be very choosy when it comes to beard cleaners and use those with moisturizers. Then you can apply moisturizing lotions after a shower in order to maintain moist skin as long as possible.

The best lotions are those that contain colloidal oatmeal as an ingredient. Remember that your diet contributes to your overall health including your skin condition. So, make sure you take a balanced diet and drink sufficient water every day.

4. Apply hydrocortisone in extreme cases

If your beard inflammation is in its adverse condition, hydrocortisone ointment will do wonders. Apply it on your skin surface four times a day. Any lotion with aloe will also help to sooth your skin and promote healing. Tree oil is another effective treatment for skin infections.

Your skin needs to remain moisturized all the time. It is rare to experience extreme beard rash if you are taking the above four steps seriously but this step is crucial before you proceed to any preventative measure.

5. Prune your beard

The moustache can sometimes become shaggy if left to grow uncontrolled. You have to trim it up once in a while which should start only after 12 weeks of beard growth. Trimming might seem counterintuitive if your aim is to grow long facial hair but is very effective particularly during the weird stages. Only use first-rated clippers and scissors to trim and ensure that your hairs settle into a single direction.

The scissors are good for finishing touches. You also need to have moisturizer at hand to sooth your beard after trimming. Always trim your facial hair when it’s dry so that you see exactly how it will look like

That is all that will cost you to keep beard rash at bay. As you can see, you have to practice good hygiene and observe a healthy lifestyle. Whether your beard has just started to grow or is fully developed, these techniques will work regardless of your age and hair type. Best of luck as you grow beard!

6. Don’t give up on growing beard

Almost every man who has tried to grow their facial hair experienced beard rash even as soon as after two weeks of growth. The problem is maddening and that is why only a few manage to keep up with a goatee. Shaving is not the only solution and you don’t have to surrender.

As a matter of fact, shaving can accelerate beard rash if you happen to cut your skin and so you should avoid shaving at all costs. If you didn’t know, beard discomfort is not a permanent condition and you can keep your manly hair without having to worry about inflammations. If only you could give your beard a relief and allow it to grow, soon enough the rashes  will disappear.You can also check it for know How long does it take to grow a beard .

As long as you carry on with the right routine practices and apply the right products, you will bid goodbye to beard problems and welcome a smooth and neat face. If along the process you suspect a rash, apply tree oil and the condition will be cleared instantly.

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