Beardilizer Review: Does Beardilizer Work ?

beardilizer beard growthYou can now stimulate your beard growth hormones thanks to this amazing product, Beardilizer. It is absolutely natural and safe. If you haven’t heard of it yet, it is basically a supplement for beard growth which solves most of the facial hair problems such a beard patchiness, beard itch, or thin beard.

The product is full of essential vitamins that will help your mane to grow stronger and fuller. Here, you will get an in-depth review of this beard growth multivitamin- all you wanted to know. Are you ready to have the facial hair you’ve always dreamt of?

Beardilizer Product Description

Beardilizer Facial Hair Growth Complex for Men
  • A Professionally Formulated Multivitamin Facial Hair Formula for Men - 90 capsules for a 10-day Intensive Treatment or 1-month Standard Treatment.
  • Grow a Stronger, Fuller, Healthier Beard Faster with this 100% Drug-Free Dietary Supplement.
  • Nourishes the Facial Hair Follicle from the inside.
  • One of the best beard growth supplements on the market
  • A combination of high-performance botanical extracts and ingredients with synergistic qualities
  • Professionally manufactured facial hair multivitamin
  • One-month standard beard treatment
  • 100% drug-free facial hair formula
  • A solution for dry and itchy mustache

Beardilizer is one of the most famous beard supplements men give positive reviews about. It is the ideal men’s facial hair formula that presents the following benefits:

  • Affordability
  • Tried and tested results
  • It is easy to consume
  • 100% natural
  • High-quality nutrients
  • Zero side effects

Does Beardilizer Works

You must be curious about this beard formula and want to know if beardilizer actually works. Perhaps you have a patch that separates your chin hair in two; you will be pleased to know that Beardilizer will give you a fuller goatee.

The natural beard growth supplement boosts beard growth by nourishing the hair follicles with high-quality nutrients, specifically dosed to bring out the facial hair of your dream. It eliminates the most irritating condition- itchiness so you don’t give up growing your beard. The specially formulated pill activates the beard hair bulbs just like the androgens do.

The patented multi-vitamin can help you grow facial hair where it has never grown before, and enable you to maintain a moisturized and healthy skin under your beard. Normally, the flaked skin under beard is the greatest inhibitor of beard growth. This wonderful combination of botanical extracts, minerals, and vitamins is the perfect solution for poor facial hair growth.

It is used by men across the board and a recent scientific case study revealed that 95% of men who took this beard booster reported a rapid increase in their facial hair- not just in quantity but quality. Particular men whom by nature grow minimal hair (like the Asians) showed incredible changes in their facial hair. You can read their testimonials online- how they talk about the beard growth progress they experienced after using Beardilizer. One of the greatest merits is the fact that the vitamin prevents itching or flaking of beard. It definitely adds thickness and makes facial hair to grow really fast. Men all over the world have fallen in love with this product and most of them who had beard problems before affirm the transformative power of Beardilizer.

What are the secret ingredients?

A lot of vitamins and minerals are used in the formulation of Beardilizer; which work together to spur on the rapid generation of facial hair. The remarkable ingredients are as follows.

Ascorbic acid/Vitamin C

The body requires lots of vitamin C to generate collagen and that is just what this beard formula gives. Collagen is a type of protein that aids in the formation of ligaments, bones, and connective tissues of the skin. It also facilitates faster healing of hair follicles and skin tissues thereby stimulating growth. In addition, collagen helps in the formation of new hair cells as the old ones disintegrate. More collagen means more hair cells and ultimately fuller beard.

Factors that might damage beard include harsh sunlight, extreme cold, or skin problems. Thanks to vitamin C, your facial hair follicles will be brought back to life and remain healthier and more productive. Remember that vitamin C is an antioxidant that fights free radicals and toxins that might infect the skin under the beard.

Vitamin B complex/cobalamin/ vitamin B12

This vitamin plays multiple roles in the human body. Since it increases metabolism, the body converts foods into energy at a faster rate. This benefits hair follicles because they need a lot of energy to remain productive.

Another important function of B complex vitamin is that it facilitates production of red blood cells which are responsible for transportation of nutrients all over the body including the hair cells. With vitamin B12, the hair follicles receive oxygen and nutrients such as keratin all the time due to the presence of more red blood cells in the body. So, you need this vitamin to enjoy a healthy and vibrant goatee.

Tocopherol/Vitamin E

This is both an anti-inflammatory agent and antioxidant. It helps to minimize itchiness, dry skin under the beard, and skin irritation, and redness. By eliminating these negative conditions, vitamin E boosts your natural ability to produce a beard.

In case the follicles get damaged, this vitamin heals them by fighting the toxic elements such as free radicals. As a result, the follicles become more productive.

Retinoids/Vitamin A

It is responsible for the production of the natural hair lubricant- sebum. Sebum is a moisturizing oil that prevents the breakage of facial hair or formation of split ends. Retinoids are antioxidants that fight toxic substances which might damage the skin under beard or the hair follicles.

Biotin/Vitamin B7

Biotin helps in the production of digestive enzymes thus enhancing the metabolism of micronutrients and nutrients needed for facial hair growth. The foods you take in require digestive enzymes, which are produced with the help of vitaminB7, to be synthesized into energy.

If the body lacks sufficient Vitamin B7, then there wouldn’t be enough energy to facilitate most bodily functions including facial hair growth. The hair follicles and the skin cells need more energy as compared to other types of body cells to function properly, so your beard would suffer a catastrophe if the body lacks enough energy.

Pantothenic acid/Vitamin B5

It is used in the delivery of crucial nutrients to the hair follicles and the skin to maintain the proper productivity of your facial hair. it is also best known for reducing the risk of hair loss, maintaining the hair’s natural color, and encouraging rejuvenation of unhealthy hair follicles.

Niacin/Vitamin B3

It fosters the growth of strong hair shafts, skin, nails, and scalp.

MSM/Methyl Sulfonyl Methane

It enhances beard texture by maintaining a particular level of keratin in the facial hair.

Silica/ Silicone dioxide

It improves the strength of blood capillaries and enhances blood flow. With enhanced blood circulation, the skin cells and hair follicles can attain the needed nutrients and micro-nutrients for a healthy growth. It also balances hormones, magnesium and calcium levels in the body, functions that impact on beard growth positively. High level of silica means enhanced facial hair production.

Choline bitartrate

It reinforces the walls of hair cells, boosts amino acid production, and helps in the synthesis of lipids.


Enhances rapid beard production in conjunction with amino acid sulfur, and Vitamin B6.


Is a type of amino acid that nourishes facial hair follicles.

Horsetail Extract

It contains high amounts of silica which strengthens beard hair, nails, tendons, and bones.


Facilitates production of melanin which gives beard hair its natural color as well as the facial skin


It is good for the maintenance of a healthy mucous membrane, skin cells, and bone growth.


Participates in pigmentation of facial hair.

How to take Beardilizer

It is recommended that you take 9 capsules of the supplement every day if you just started. Follow this dosage for 10 consecutive days. So, you can have 3 capsules for breakfast, lunch, and supper. The capsules are best taken with meals; an empty stomach is not good for the intake. When the 10 days are over, treatment should follow 3 capsules per day i.e. one capsule during breakfast, lunch, and supper.

This should continue until the desired goatee is achieved. Instead of taking a dry capsule, open it up and dilute the content in water and drink. Since it has no ingredients derived from animals, Beardilizer is good for vegetarians.

The reason for switching dosage from 9 capsules to 3 per day is that the body may not be in a position to absorb excess nutrients after it reaches a saturation point. The excess nutrients might end up being lost through excretion.

So, for the intensive period of 9 capsules daily, you will need a full bottle of Beardilizer. From there, you need one bottle for every month. You can stop the treatment whenever you want and resume anytime if necessary. But it is important that you be consistent to get your desired outcomes. Note that Beardilizer will keep on boosting your beard growth 3-6 months after you quit taking it.

How long it takes for beardilizer results to show up

How long it takes for beardilizer results to show upStudies have been carried out on different men and they reveal that the beard supplement takes around 4 weeks to bring results. However, several factors come into play e.g. nutrition, genetics, and level of androgens. Some men experience increased beard thickness and luster as soon as 2 weeks from the time they start treatment, but for others, it may go up to six weeks.

Shaving is not recommended within the first 6 weeks of treatment to avoid damaging the hair follicles which have started t regenerate. Shaving can interfere with how the facial absorbs nutrients in the initial stages of treatment. After 6 weeks, you can trim or shave your beard.

The best multivitamin to buy for your money

You already know that minerals and vitamins boost the rate of beard growth. Beardilizer is particularly useful if you are experiencing a deficiency in micronutrients and certain vitamins. Rest assured that you will be choosing a product with significant amounts of vitamins and nutrients extracted from natural sources, at a consumer-friendly price.

Forget about the under-dosed beard supplements which promise instant results on the label but the ingredients are insufficient. Fact is, your beard needs quality ingredients as opposed to a huge quantity of inorganic substances which could harm your body. Beardilizer results are best in all beard multivitamins.

Side effects

Beardilizer has not shown any adverse effects. It is an organic compound made of 100% natural ingredients which are all needed in the body for proper functioning. It is excellent for beard growth and with an added advantage of improving overall health.

No drugs or hormones are included in this supplement. Everything in it comes from plants and minerals. You can use it as long as you want and nothing bad will happen to you. In a few cases, some men report a change in their urine color whereby it turns into a light orange color. This is absolutely harmless.

As far as the eyebrows and head hair are concerned, no substantial change occurs. Note that the hair follicles of your beard are totally different from those in the head, chest, or any other body hair. Beardilizer targets facial hair only. The difference between beard growth and other types of hair is that the formal is strictly hormonal while the latter is all about genetics. That’s why Beardilizer improves facial hair but will not give you thick hair in the rest of the body.

Are you seeking an effective beard supplement? Before you give away your money over the counter, there are certain things you need to know. First, check the ingredients and find out if there is any you are allergic to. But as far as Beardilizer is concerned, there are no known side effects. The good thing about this beard formula is that it is 100% natural; you have nothing to worry about taking toxic substances which might inhibit instead of boost your goatee.

Furthermore, Beardilizer is quite affordable in relation to other beard formulas in the market which come at higher prices with no guarantee of better outcomes. So, have you tried Beardilizer? It is one of the best supplements for beardoholics. Do not agonize over a patchy beard while this fantastic formula is readily available in the market. It will enhance the health of your facial hair follicles. Moreover, I will enhance your overall health.Expect a thicker, well-textured, and fuller goatee from the various ingredients of this supplement.

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