Best Beard Growth Products 2018 – Products That Really Works

Beard Balm With Shea ButterYou are growing beard & have facing problems like patchy beard, rash in beard growth. You need best beard growth products to manage beard like beard oil, beard balm, beard vitamins & supplements.

Best Beard Growth Products 2018

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ProphetBeard OilCheck Price
Beard Grow XLSupplementCheck Price
Smooth VikingBeard BalmCheck Price
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1. Beard Roar XL – The Premium Caffeine Shampoo For Bear Growth

Beard Roar XL for beard growthBeard Roar XL is the first formula of its kind for cleansing, moisturizing, and stimulating beard growth. The beard shampoo is caffeine-infused. It is suitable for all types of skin tones as well as facial hair. If you want to manage your beard with ease, this is the right beard- softening formula for you. As far as beard growth goes, it optimizes it to the fullest and you can combine it with other Delta genesis beard products for maximum outcomes. Its manly fragrance is revitalizing and keeps you motivated all day long.

How to apply the caffeine shampoo

You don’t have to shampoo your beard on a daily basis, but wash your face on a daily basis. Your skin produces natural oils that maintain a healthy beard, shampooing your beard daily will erode those oils and leave you with an itchy and dry beard. It is advisable to use Beard Roar XL two times a week if you live a normal life. Only use it daily if your job involves dusty and vigorous physical activities. Avoid too hot or cold water; make it lukewarm to open up pores and boost circulation. As you apply the shampoos, massage it into your facial hair using your fingertips; don’t just top clean. Rinse your thoroughly and tap-dry it with a towel. Then you can use your best beard conditioner.

Reasons your beard needs the caffeine shampoo

Caffeine is a wonderful natural stimulant. Not only does it help you stay mentally alert but also benefits your facial hair. For a long time, caffeine has been used in other hair products and it is best known for strengthening and thickening hair. Here are the benefits you will get after using Beard Roar XL.

I. Stimulated hair follicles
If you want to experience quicker beard growth, this caffeine-infused formula will do wonders. And the reason for this is that caffeine stimulates the growth of your hair follicles by about 46%, according to a study published in International Journal of Dermatology.

II. Increased thickness
Research indicates that treating hair follicles with caffeine for long periods of time extends the hair’s life cycle by 33%. So, you will have a minimum loss of hair and stimulate growth. The outcomes will be a thicker, fuller, and healthier goatee.

III. Strong hair roots
At the roots of your beard are the hair follicles. Your hair follicles and the skin around them absorb caffeine directly every time you wash your beard with Beard Roar XL. The good side of this beard shampoo is that it will not expose you to the side effects of high-dose caffeine intake because you won’t be taking it orally. After treating your facial hair roots with the product for a while, they will gain strength and so your beard cannot shed off.

What’s in the package?

This great product, imported from the United States, comes in its best condition; properly wrapped for protection.

Where to find Beard Roar XL

After going through the benefits of washing your beard with Beard Roar XL, you want to know where to get it. You can find it online from legitimate sites like Amazon and eBay.
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2. Beard Bolt XL – The Premium Leave-In Beard Balm

Beard Bolt XL for beard growthDo you have a problem with thin facial hair? Here is a solution for you from Beard Grow XL. Beard Bolt XL, the first beard growth-stimulating balm, is specially formulated with tip-top essential oils that maximize the development of beard. If you want to style and enhance the growth of your beard at the same time; this is the ideal product for you. It can strengthen your moustache and eliminate beard itch. Applying Beard Bolt XL is easy and doesn’t leave a mess. The reason this beard balm is more expensive than its counterparts is that it gives men fuller and thicker beards, besides helping with styling.

Pros of Beard Bolt XL

  • You can use the mess-free formula on your moustache because it is light, unlike other heavier balms that leave your moustache messy. It is a beard balm that actually works.
  • It has essential oils that maximize facial hair growth
  • The unique formula has no competition. It is the only product of its kind in the market
  • It is the perfect balm for men with sensitivity to fragrances. It has a subtle lemongrass scent that cannot trigger a headache, rash, or allergy
  • Provides a light hold and seals the hair follicles so that they don’t dry out


  • No ingredients are listed except the essential oils
  • There is no scientific proof that Bear Bolt XL indeed stimulates beard growth

How to apply Beard Bolt XL

You can scoop the balm with a mini-beard-comb or your thumbnail’s back
Rub your palms together and place the balm into one palm to warm up it up
Apply the soft balm on your beard. For medium-length beard, use a pea-size amount
Begin with the side hairs and go on to cover the entire beard
Work the beard balm inside and beneath with special focus on those unmanageable hairs
You can style your mane however you like using your fingers and beard comb
If there is any excess balm on your beard, use a dry towel to rub it off

Final verdict

Beard Bolt XL is a conditioning beard balm that will thicken and soften your mane. The paste melts easily on your palms and provides a light hold to tame stubborn hairs. It will give you the sheen you always wanted without making you look like you have been immersed in a butter tub. It is the ideal option for guys with fine beard and moustache. Fine beard looks great and won’t appear greasy when the balm is applied. But for the thicker beard, it might seem clumpy when the balm is applied on. A thin beard balm as this only requires a light massage for it to get deep down the hair hence no damages would occur during application. All you need is a small amount of the balm and you get to reap the benefits of a great product.
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3. Beard Grow XL (Supplement) – The Ideal Final Answer to Long, Itch-Free beard

Beard Grow XL for beard growthMany factors determine the rate at which the beard grow naturally (in terms of thickness and length), among them, genetics and the general body health. While there is nothing or little you can do to change the genetics, you can help the beard grow if you ensure that you boost the overall health and wellbeing of the body. The hair follicles and the skin require some vital nutrients in order to support the growth of the hair in the body, including the beard.

The answer to long beard is the Beard Grow XL (Supplement):

Now, what should you do or take to give your body the required nutrients so it can support the growth of the hair? There are many product and supplements out there, but the Beard Grow XL (Supplement) stands out from the rest in view of the many benefits it offers. This enhancement supplement contains various special ingredients to give the body all the vital nutrients it needs for maximum growth of the beard.

What is in the product?

The main ingredient in Beard Grow XL (Supplement) is citrus flavonoids. These citrus flavonoids contain biological properties which are highly potent, and by their nature they serve as antioxidants which help the get rid of the free radicals. When the free radicals are eliminated, an environment in created which allows natural and full growth of the beard. This products is also highly effective in getting rid of the patchiness which develops in beards. In short, you should use the Beard Grow XL (Supplement) for a healthier, thicker and longer beard.

After how long should you expect to see positive results?
Most users report positive results within 3 to 4 weeks after using Beard Grow XL (Supplement).

The pros:

The Beard Grow XL (Supplement) is a supplement which is ingested and thus it is well absorbed in to the blood steam. It is more effective than the topical products which are applied on the skin or the beard. Even if you apply beard growth on the skin or beard without correcting the issues in the body that slow down the growth of beard, you will not realize any meaningful positive results. The Beard Grow XL (Supplement) is intended to encourage the growth of the beard.

The cons:

Like any other product out there, Beard Grow XL (Supplement) is not a magical pill that will produce unrealistic results. You need to be patient and know that the rate at which positive results are seen varies from one individual to the other.
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4. Biotin – The Magic Formula for Thicker Nails, Hair and Healthier Skin

Biotin for beard growthVitamin B7, commonly known as Biotin is a vitamin that is soluble in water and is part of a compound known as vitamin B complex. The vitamin B complex refers to group of vital nutrients which the body needs for healthy cardiovascular, digestive, nerve and metabolic functions. In the body, biotin is a coenzyme which helps in the metabolism of carbohydrates, proteins and fats.

Why is biotin so important for the body?

Without biotin, the body cannot convert and use the carbohydrates, proteins and fats and other macronutrients in to body energy, which is needed for proper psychological functioning and carrying out various physical activities. Among the many benefits of biotin include maintenance of the health of skin, nails and the hair. It is widely used in skin and hair beauty products and supplements. Keratin improves the structure of keratin the body, and by so doing, it supports the growth and development of nails.

Why ingested biotin is the best:

Note however that biotin is poorly absorbed in to the body through the skin. To be very beneficial, the biotin may have to be ingested. Naturally, biotin is found in mushrooms, legumes, fish, berries, cauliflower, avocado, eggs and organ meats.

Why should you take biotin supplements?

Biotin or vitamin B7 deficiency can seriously hamper the normal functioning of the body, and this means, your hair nails and skin will be affected. Although most of the common foods will provide the minimum required amount of biotin, it is important to supplement what you get in the natural food, when you feel that you need the vitamin in high quantities. Also, biotin, as earlier stated is soluble in water, and this means it travels through the blood stream. Any unused or excess quantities that may be present in your body are easily eliminated through urination. For this reason, the body does not build biotin reserves. Thus, you need to ingest the recommended daily dose of vitamin b&/biotin so as to maintain the required supply to the body.

Biotin combined with coconut oil offers more benefits.

Biotin is combined with other products or elements depending on the health goals that want to be attained. For example, if you want it for growth of beard, you need to go for biotin mixed with coconut oil. The coconut oil is as good as beneficial as biotin in supporting the growth and health of the skin and the hair. The combination of biotin and coconut for growth of the nails, hair and beard produces better and longer lasting results than when any of these ingredients is used singly.
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5. Prophet Beard Oil – The Superior Oil for that Dream Beard

Prophet Beard Oil for beard growthIt is possible to grow the beard to any thickness or length if you know how to grow and nurture it well. Men who want to grow the beard know that application of oil is essential for its natural growth. There are many oils available in the market and you may be wondering which is that one products that will work exceptionally well for you.

The prophet beard oil features:

The Prophet Beard Oil is a cool product for the beard which is free of fragrance and is 100% organic and natural. It is hypoallergenic and can be used on dry, oily and skins of all other types. The oil works by soothing and taming the beard and hydrates the skin to eliminate the itchiness which may be severe in persons with dry skin. The Prophet Beard Oil also makes beard stronger in addition to encouraging and helping it to grow thicker and longer.

The ingredients in Prophet Beard Oil:

The prophet oil is actually a combination of various other oils, each of which has proven benefits on the skin and the hair. These oils include Aloe Vera oil, Chamonile Oil, Vitamin E oil and Jojoba oil.

What is included in the pacakage?

In the Prophet Beard Oil product package, an e-book titled “Oil is Richness – A Guide of Bearded Men” is included and it contains very useful advice, facts, instructions and tips. Beautiful diagrams are also included in the package.

Why you need to buy this oil for your beard:

The Prophet Beard Oil is what you need for a healthy beard. It will soften, smooth and hydrate the beard. When the beard is softened, smoothened and well hydrated it will not just look nice but you will also feel good and proud of it. The information in this guide will help you keep and maintain the beard in excellent condition. Using it is very easy and handling and storing is also easy, thanks to the ideal size of the bottle.

It will also give you value for money as you just need to apply some few drops on your palms, rub them against each other and then apply on the beard and the skin around the beard growing areas. It also has a long shelf life of 24 months. Ensure you check the date of expiry indicated on the Prophet Beard Oil package when you buy online. This oil can also be used after shower before going to sleep and after trimming.
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6. Smooth Viking Beard Balm With Shea Butter – For Full and Stronger Growth of the Beard

Beard Balm With Shea Butter for beard growth productsAll men know that growing beard is not easy. It needs a lot of patience and fortitude as you will have to deal with various challenges, among them severe itch. Also, the rate of natural growth of beard is generally slow. There are many products out there for beard growth, but one, the Beard Balm With Shea Butter has captured the attention and interest of men who love long, full and healthier beards.

Introducing the Beard Balm with shea butter:

Shea butter is an oil or fat with the colour of light ivory and is sourced from the Shea tree, commonly known as Vitellaria paradoxa. The tree grows indigenously in some parts of Africa. It is widely used in the production of cosmetics as a moisturizer. The oil is also edible and is used in some foods. It may also be used as a substitute for cocoa butter in chocolates.

In modern times, Shea butter is used for the care of the skin and hair and is especially good for the beards. It has a high content of vitamin A, vitamin E and vitamin F. For the effective growth of the beard, the skin must be provided with nutrients needed for the production of collagen and the essential fatty acids and Shea butter does just that.

The benefits of Beard Balm With Shea Butter:

The following are the many benefits of using this balm on your beard.

  • It helps prevent dandruff of the beard, and conditions such as dermatitis and eczema, which may interfere with the normal growth and development of the beard.
  • It protects the skin against damage due to hot or cold weather.
  • It helps seal in moisture on the beard and skin.
  • Thanks to the anti-aging properties of the Shea butter, it gives the skin and the beard a youthful look!
  • It moisturizes the damaged and dry hair and the skin.
  • It reduces the breakage of the beard hair.
  • It softens the beard and makes combing and shaping easier.
  • It smoothens and softens the hair follicles
  • It reduces rashes and itchiness on the beard due to the anti-inflammatory properties of the Shea butter.

The final word:

The Beard Balm with Shea butter offers many benefits and is a good product for any man who wants to grow his beard without stress. The Shea butter’s anti-inflammatory properties help reduce the itch, dandruff, dryness of the skin and discomfort which makes growing long beard difficult and stressful for most men.
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7. The Gentlemen’s Beard Oil – What You Need To Overcome Beard Itch and Dandruff

The Gentlemen's Beard Oil for beard growthGrowing beard is not a walk in the park as you may have to deal with ugly itch and dandruff. These two conditions are especially common in men who have dry skin. The flaking and cracking of dry skin will cause itch and development of the ugly white flakes known as dandruff. The itch and dandruff can be very annoying. They will make the beard not only hard to groom but it will also unmanageable and rough.

The product package is simple but masculine:

The Gentlemen’s Beard Oil is sold in 1 oz. dark amber colored bottle. This color helps block the exposure of the oil to direct heat or exposed to the sun’s UV rays and this helps increase its shelf life. The package is simple and has masculine look. It also has a dropper which is designed to dispense the right amount of drops to the palms, beard or the skin where you want to apply it on.

How the oil works on your skin and beard:

As only the best of the known natural ingredients are used in the Gentlemen’s Beard Oil, you should expect to see positive results within few weeks or months of applying it consistently it on the skin and the beard. It works by making the beard glossier and smoother while at the same time moisturizing the skin in order to prevent the drying and itching and preventing the development of dandruff. The oil also helps split the ends of the beard and makes combing and styling much easier.

It does not promise magic results but will work well for you:

There are many beard oils which offer quick longer, thicker beard but their effects are short-lived, or they cause other conditions such as allergy, skin rashes, weakening of beard strands and hair fall among others. The Gentlemen’s Beard Oil is the ideal solution to all these problems. The product does not promise quick fixes or results, but with time, after consistently applying it on the skin and beard, you will realize serious improvement in the overall condition and outlook of the beard. The beard oil is made of 100% natural ingredients. It is hypoallergenic and works well for most people.

What is unique in this oil?

There are many beard oils out there and so you need to know what is unique in the Gentlemen’s Beard Oil. Well, unique ingredients are used in this oil in order to ensure it gives superior results. These include sunflower oil, extra-virgin coconut oil, jojoba oil, primrose oil, argan oil and vitamin E. each of these ingredients is helpful for the healthy development of the beard and the skin. Bay Rum Fragrance is used in the oil to give it a very musky and refreshing scent.
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8. The Beard Growth Spray – For Beard Which Does Not Seem To Grow

The Beard Growth SprayYou may want to grow to beard but it may reach appoint where it stagnates and seem to increase its thickness or length. If this is your situation at the moment, you need to try the Beard Growth Spray.

What is the Beard Growth Spray?

This is a product specifically and purposely designed to promote the growth of the beard, in the areas where there has been hair fall or where the hair is thinner and generally unhealthy. There are many men out there struggling with patchy beards and they will immensely benefit from this product. The supplement will help remove from the beard those ugly, splotchy looking areas. It will help stimulate the functioning of the hair follicles and stimulate the growth and development of beard.

The active ingredients in The Beard Growth Spray:

The secrecy of effectiveness of The Beard Growth Spray by beardActive lies in the active ingredients used in the product and they include the following –

Vitamin A: This vitamin helps promote the production of testosterone hormone in the body. The testosterone hormone stimulates the growth and development of the hair follicles and the beard.

Vitamin B: this ingredient helps maintain high levels of testosterone hormone in the body and also stimulates keratin production. This, in turn, helps stimulate the growth of the beard.

Vitamin C: this ingredient in Beard Growth Spray helps protect hormones DHT and testosterone and the hair follicles from the damaging effects of cortisol hormone, a hormone which can increase the levels of stress in the body and hamper the growth and development of the beard.

Sulfur: this ingredient works to stimulate the growth of hair (the beard).

Potassium: this promotes the production of DHT, the hormone responsible for growth of male hair.

Zinc: this boosts and encourages the speed at which the hair develops. It also increases the production of the thyroid and testosterone hormones in the body, which help in the natural growth and development of the beard.

Calcium: this ingredient helps prevent hair loss and baldness.

Magnesium: this plays important role in the regulation of DHT hormone and the testosterone hormones, which play very important roles in the growth and development of beard.

Other important ingredients in the product include Polygonum Multiflorum Extract, Tea Tree Oil, Angelica Root Extract, and saw palmetto.

The final Verdict:
The Beard Growth Spray is one of the very few natural but effective products in the market. It works exceptionally well in promoting the growth of thicker and denser beard.
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9. Beard Flux XL Oil – For Stress-Free Maintenance of Healthy Beard:

Beard Flux XL Oil for beard growthThe maintenance of healthy beard is not easy. Just like any other part of your body, the beard and the skin on which it grows is prone to allergies, hot and cold weather effects, drying, dandruff and many other conditions. It is not possible to talk about the beard without talking about the skin.

A healthy beard grows only on the healthy skin. When the skin is dry, flaky or affected by allergies, then the beard will most likely itch, grow thin or stop growing altogether and will become entangled. To help deal with these challenges, there is the Beard Flux XL (Oil), a product intended to help you grow beard to the fullest.

The ingredients in Beard Flux XL (Oil):

Before buying any beard product, you need to know the ingredients and the role that they play in the growth and development of the bard. Only non-hormonal ingredients in the manufacture of this product. These include Biotin, Vitamins A, B1, B6, B12, C and E, Horsetail extract, saw palmetto and Methylsulfonylmethane.

Each of these ingredients plays a very important role in the natural growth and development of the beard. Studies show that most of the men who grow patchy beards suffer from one of several vitamin deficiencies. This is the reason why Vitamins A, B1, B6, B12, C, and E, are included in the Beard Flux XL (Oil).

Vitamin deficiency may completely interfere with the growth and development of the hair to extent of causing thinning of the existing hair and beard, and may even cause baldness and drying of the skin. When the skin on which the beard grows becomes dry, then itching will set in as there may be a development of dandruff.

Saw palmetto is a fruit and is used in most natural supplements for the growth of the hair and the beard. It is also used in the treatment of a condition such as asthma and migraines. However, it is most effective in the treatment of thinning of hair. It will help grow thicker and healthier beard.

The horsetail extract helps treat fluid retention in the bod. It is also widely used in the promotion of growth of nails and the hair.

The Methylsulfonylmethane helps increase the natural growth of the hair. It also has anti-inflammatory properties and helps calm down the immune system in patients who may experience hair loss due to various autoimmune conditions. It also helps reduce stress, improves the overall body health and promotes the growth of hair and the beard.

Other important ingredients in the Beard Flux XL (Oil) include caffeine, amla oil, jojoba oil, safflower oil and argan oil.
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10. The Iron Beard (Vitamin) – For Manlier, Thicker and Fuller Beard

The Iron Beard for beard growthThe IRON BEARD (Vitamin) is a men’s growth vitamin supplement which is intended to help them grow manlier, thicker and fuller beard. Among its many ingredients, each of which supports the healthy development of the beard include 18 essential vitamins, biotin minerals, and proteins, saw palmetto, collagen and many more. The package includes 60 capsules, each containing these vital ingredients.

The ingredients in The IRON BEARD (Vitamin):

The effectiveness of any product depends on the active ingredients. Here below is a brief review of some of the ingredients in The IRON BEARD (Vitamin)-

Vitamin A: this vitamin is an antioxidant which helps get rid of the free radicals in the body. It also helps keep moisturized the hair and skin.

Vitamin B12: this vitamin plays important role in the formation of body’s red blood cells (RBCs). The RBCs supply oxygen and nutrients to the hair follicles and the scalp.

Vitamin C: this ingredient serves as an antioxidant and helps support the functioning of the body immune system. It promotes the production of collagen which helps promote the development of healthy skin and hair.

Folic Acid: this ingredient supports the DNA development and also helps boost the growth of tissues and cell activities in the body. It works synergistically with the other B vitamins in the IRON BEARD (Vitamin) to support the healthy growth of the beard.

Biotin: this is an essential B vitamin, which informally known as a “hair growth” vitamin because of its amazing support for the overall growth of the hair. It has proven effects in nourishing and supporting the growth of new hair and beard and also protects breakage of the grown hair or beard.

MethySulfonylmethane: this is a form of a sulfur compound which occurs naturally and is found in various natural foods. It helps the body to produce collagen and in the promotion of supple hair and skin.

Hydrolysed collagen: this ingredient contains some 18 essential amino acids which are needed by the body for the formation of proteins. It also helps support the growth and development of the nails, skin and the hair.

Will it work for you?

The IRON BEARD (Vitamin) is all you need for the healthy development and growth of the skin and beard. It is a powerful enhancer which will give facial hair and the entire body the nutritional boost needed to achieve the full potential for the development of vibrant and thick beard you have always dreamt of. The essential ingredients help build and fire up the system and it works synergistically with the other ingredients to boost the natural growth of hair and the beard.
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