Biotin for Beard Growth – Does Biotin Really Work For Facial Hair Growth?

Biotin for beard growthMost shampoo brands, as well as conditioner brands, include biotin as an ingredient for fuller hair, but did you know that biotin for beard growth is also possible? This is because beard growth is also considered hair growth, so you can gain benefits from this hair nutrient for your beard as well.

What is Biotin

Essentially, biotin is vitamin B complex, B7, or Vitamin H and is available in many supplement stores. It is also referred to as coenzyme R. Commonly sold for nails, skin, and hair, biotin helps to improve the structure of keratin- a protein that builds up these three elements. It is produced naturally in the human body and is necessary for the growth of cells. The body obtains biotin from such foods as beef, mushrooms, legumes, chicken, eggs, nutritional yeasts, milk, bananas, cauliflower, and whole grains.

Higher production of biotin in the body is beneficial e.g. helps in hair growth and nail enlargement. The production of fatty acids in the body also depends on this vitamin. Other roles it plays include the production of energy, starch metabolism, and maintenance of a healthy skin.

Does Biotin really work?

Does biotin really workIs your facial hair becoming obstructive and debilitating? What you need is a powerful formula to give you a fitter and furry beard- Biotin. It has grown in popularity and yes, it will influence the growth of your facial hair positively. Many biotin users have testified to its efficacy in that it raises the depth of beard. Not only does it influence facial hair but also body hair.

Customer reviews reveal how biotin minimizes loss of hair. This is because the product strengthens the hair follicles in the long-run. Studies show that lack of biotin in human body causes stunted hair growth and the introduction of biotin brings back hair growth to the norm. It is this revitalizing nature of biotin that helps in growth of new hair cells and reverses the process of hair loss.

Benefits of Using Biotin

First and foremost, biotin strengthens keratin which in turn boosts the growth of nail and hair follicles. Stronger hair follicles mean faster growth of the facial hair. Besides improving the quantity of hair, the quality also increases i.e. you get smoother and moisturized beard.

Biotin may not give you a lumberjack look instantly but it guarantees a healthier and stronger goatee over time. It offers extra benefits to men with deficiencies in vitamin B complex. It is also applied in treatments for mild depression, diabetes, dermatitis, and brittle nails. In the hope of enhancing your beard, you also improve your overall health by taking biotin. Proponents ascertain that washing beard with biotin shampoo stimulates re-growth as well as thickening of the facial hair.

It is highly beneficial for many bodily functions and health benefits such as the following:

1. Hair health

Biotin for hair healthAs we mentioned biotin for beard growth, hair growth is one of the biggest advantages of biotin for our body. This is because it enhances hair from the roots all the way down to give it a fuller shine and a better texture.

Hair is made up of keratin – the same stuff that you find in your nails (discussed below). Keratin production can be put to a halt with many problems, such as genetics and environmental factors. Having a healthy hair and beard using biotin can not only boost your self-confidence but will also get more people to respect you, especially if you decide to keep a beard and maintain it well.

2. Better nails

People with easily chipped off nails can benefit from biotin as well. Since our hair and nails are made of the same stuff, it can be concluded that both your hair and nails can have the good effects of biotin. Keratin production is enhanced, making both hair and nails healthier.

Like we mentioned above, nails and hair are all made of keratin, which is also the same stuff that makes bird feathers. Without keratin, our hair and nails would look dull and they would easily break apart. This is why keratin production is important in our body, and biotin for beard growth can help solve that problem, especially if you tend to have problems with your nails as well.

3. Metabolism

A higher metabolism rate lets you burn more fat faster and calories as well. This is highly important for keeping your figure fit and in shape. People with naturally lower metabolism rate due to genetic problems can benefit from biotin for burning more carbs, calories and fat.

If you find that you exercise a lot but you are not getting any thinner or aren’t losing fat that fasts, and if you find that eating just a little bit will get you fat in no time, then that means that your metabolism is low. Make it a habit to eat some veggies like carrots and sweet potatoes so not only do you use biotin for beard growth, but you also use it to stay fit and healthy.

4. Fatty acids

These are important for your wellness and especially for those who are above 40 years old. Fatty acids are commonly found in fish and are good for the heart, for arthritis, for joint pains, for depression, Alzheimer’s, dementia and other signs of aging.

Fatty acids usually come in the form of Omega-3 and are found mostly in fish and fish oil. In fact, fish oil is also considered biotin for beard growth so if you do have some beard pills, you can add fish oil capsules to that so you not only use biotin for beard growth but also to have a healthier heart and well-being.

5. More energy

If your daily job consists of hectic schedules then biotin is the answer. Like our hair, beards can get stressed as well due to constant work and/or school. By adding energy to your hair or beard using biotin for beard growth, your hair and beard will look livelier.

Whether you have a desk job, a frustrating managerial position, a hard time with your graduate or collegiate studies, tough time handling the kids or any kind of stressful work, your hair and beard can get dull over time. Adding energy using biotin for beard growth and hair growth can make it fuller and reduce the effects of stress on your overall appearance so that your beard does not look haggard.

6. Blood sugar balance

The production of insulin is important for those with diabetic problems. Therefore, if you have been diagnosed with some form of diabetes, it is important to maintain your blood sugar levels by adding biotin-rich foods to your diet. Not only will you use biotin for beard growth but also, you will stay away from the likeness of

7. Diabetic problems and effects

Diabetes is a very terrible disease that can lead to blindness, amputation and other really bad things if you do not remedy it beforehand. Having balanced blood sugar levels not only by eating the right foods but also by taking biotin for beard growth can help reduce the risks of diabetes due to excessive sugary foods and the like.

Where to get Biotin Naturally – Food With Biotin

Food With Biotin Naturally Aside from biotin for beard growth supplements, you can obtain biotin naturally from the following foods:

Vegetables – you can try carrots, cauliflower, tomatoes, sweet potato, onions, legumes, and mushrooms since they contain biotin for beard growth.

Fish – as we mentioned, fish such as salmon and sardines can give you fatty acids, which is also what makes up biotin for beard growth.

Nuts – you can try nuts such as almonds, walnuts, and peanuts as well for getting biotin.

Other foods – whole grain products, eggs (yolks), yeast, meat, bananas, and poultry are also rich in natural biotin.

Foods High In Biotin For Beard Growth

As we mentioned above, there are specific foods that are just rich in biotin. Here is a comparative chart to show you which of these foods are the highest in biotin for beard growth:

As you can see above, the higher foods with biotin for beard growth are tomatoes, almonds, eggs, onions, and carrots. However, all of these foods can be a great source of biotin for all of your intended needs for keeping a healthier well-being.

FoodAmountCaloriesServing Size
Salmon4.54 mcg157.64 ounces
Cow’s Milk2.32 mcg74.44 ounce
Almonds14.72 mcg132.21/4 cup
Oats7.80 mcg151.71/4 cup
Walnuts5.70 mcg196.21/4 cup
Peanuts6.40 mcg206.91/4 cup
Eggs8.00 mcg77.51 each
Tomatoes7.20 mcg32.41 cup
Onions7.98 mcg92.41 cup
Carrots6.10 mcg50.01 cup
Cauliflower1.61 mcg28.51 cup
Sweet Potato8.60 mcg180.01 cup
Yogurt3.92 mcg149.41 cup
Banana3.07 mcg105.01 medium
Raspberries2.34 mcg64.01 cup
Romaine Lettuce1.79 mcg16.02 cups

How much Biotin For Hair Growth Can You Take?

Biotin should be taken at about 120 mcg or 40 percent of RDA, for it to function as biotin for beard growth. Don’t be fooled by some other brands of biotin pills that claim 500 to 5,000 mcg of biotin, because it may not always be the case.

The dosage for biotin is only 2.5mg per day and it is best taken with food. Anyone below 19 years of age cannot take biotin and it is necessary to seek a physician’s advice before using biotin to know the exact amount that your body needs. It is recommended to buy a supplement with a high biotin dose in conjunction with other beard phyto-nutrients to maximize the outcomes.

Note that biotin is a water-soluble compound and any excess amount is eliminated through the excretory system- urine and human waste. The most prominent form of biotin supplement in the market is tablets/pills.

However, some tablets are hard and take time before getting digested. Gels, on the other hand, are highly digestible and so more effective. Other forms include lotions, liquids, and creams. One of the best methods that promote facial hair growth is the application of sprays and lotion as a daily routine.

The best way to go for biotin for beard growth is to get a supplement that not only contains biotin but may also contain collagen for a healthier skin and youthful appearance. Since your scalp is also your skin, you also need to boost your skin health along with your beard growth.

Biotin Cream For Beard

Biotin creams promote facial hair growth when massaged into the beard. Their nourishment is direct, making the goatee darker and thicker. When using biotin cream, you must concentrate the massages on parts of beard that seem thin to encourage quick growth. Massaging encourages blood circulation, increasing the efficiency of the product on beard. Besides nourishing beard, the creams enhance the beard structure.

Biotin Side Effect – Drawbacks of Too Much Biotin

The side effects of biotin are mild and only occur due to overdose. They include acne, skin or beard rashes, gut upset, kidney issues, and high levels of blood sugar. Since biotin competes with vitamin B5, excess consumption may cause breakouts in some people due to vitamin B5 deficiency.

In some cases, it can cause excessive facial hair growth in women who produce excess androgens. But this is a matter of genetics and happens in special cases. Normally, biotin does not cause the growth of hair where it never existed before. There are, of course, side stories of whether you overdose on biotin or not. In most cases, you will potentially get the following side effects if you take too much biotin for beard growth:

1. Kidney problems

As with all supplements and those with medical values, you should not take too much of one nutrient because it can have an impact on your kidney. Take note that biotin for beard growth should not be taken too much in capsule or pill form so that it will not greatly damage your kidney in the long run.

2. High blood sugar levels

Although we mentioned it is great for balancing blood sugar levels, too much can actually lead you to risk for blood sugar imbalance. You should take biotin for beard growth in reasonable amounts, as mentioned above so that it will not interfere with your blood sugar levels and will not get you at risk for diabetes and related diseases and illnesses that can compromise your lifestyle.

3. Digestive Upsets

Another thing that can happen if you take too much biotin for beard growth is causing your digestive system to go haywire. This is because you are only focusing on one nutrient alone and leaving all the rest behind. Therefore, it is important to have a balanced diet and a good set of nutrients and vitamins aside from biotin if you don’t want to get digestive upsets from biotin for beard growth.

4. Skin Rashes

A skin rash can lead to an itchy scalp as well as an itchy beard scalp, so you should use biotin for beard growth responsibly in reasonable amounts. Skin rashes can develop if you overuse biotin because of its side effects. Therefore, you should only limit biotin and boost the other vitamins that are good for your skin, such as vitamin E and vitamin C rich foods like citruses and the like.

5. Other vitamin deficiency

Because your body gets more biotin than the rest of the vitamins out there, it can lead to vitamin deficiency and can have an impact on your immune system and other body parts.

Therefore, it is smarter to take different foods rich in various hair growth vitamins rather than to just focus on biotin for beard growth alone. In this way, you not only focus on beard growth but you can also add strength and healthiness for your beard (see below sections).

How to Enhance Biotin’s Effects for Beard Growth

Relying on biotin alone for beard growth is not always the case. You should do some effort yourself to make sure that biotin is doing its job to keep your hair healthy.

The density of beard is a factor of a man’s genetics. The growth can also be influenced by lifestyle i.e. nutrition, exercising, and sleeping habits. Even after taking biotin, it is important to condition your beard. Make use of beard-specific shampoos and conditioners, beard oil, and groom it every day.

Here are some good healthy habits you can employ while you take biotin for beard growth & faster hair and beard growth:

1. Better sleep schedule

Better sleep scheduleSleeping for at least 8 to 9 hours a day depending on your age is very helpful. This is because stress levels can potentially decrease with enough sleep. If you feel tired and haggard throughout the day, your hair and skin will get healthier if you sleep peacefully without interruption as your body will repair itself – and so will your beard. This is why getting enough sleep is important for beard growth.

2. Eat a well-balanced diet

Like with what we mentioned above, you should not only focus on biotin for beard growth. Instead, get a balanced diet every single day by eating a variety of fruits, vegetables, legumes, meat and the like so that you will not only feel healthier but will also keep your beard growth on the right track. Having less of the other nutrients will lead to the side effects mentioned above.

3. Get de-stressed with yoga and meditation

Yoga meditation men for beard growthStress is one of the contributing factors to beard quality and hair quality, so you should take some time to meditate, do yoga, read a good book, chill and have tea in the afternoon or have some other activities to keep you off stress and anxiety.

4. Take other vitamins

You should also take other vitamins, minerals, and foods other than your biotin for beard growth. If you want to keep a healthy beard, combine a number of treatments such as increasing intake of foods rich in vitamin B like nuts, egg, and bananas.

Don’t forget to take a balanced diet sufficient protein, low starch, and a lot of veggies. Opt for foods high in vitamin Bs and E to promote good air circulation. Green and leafy vegetables are some of the best sources. Magnesium and copper also aid in combating loss of hair and you can obtain it from almonds, pumpkins, sunflower, and kales. Bananas are rich in silica, which is an essential element for hair growth. Nuts are also great for beard development.

Lack of these micronutrients can be the reason for less facial hair and so it is important to combine biotin intake with these dietary staples. It is highly recommended to supplement biotin with vitamin K2, B12, and D3.

Here are some nutrients that can also help speed up hair growth and beard growth and keep it healthy:


  • Sunflower seeds
  • Wild salmon
  • Pumpkin seeds
  • Kale/
  • Almonds


  • Beet greens
  • Leafy greens
  • Romaine lettuce
  • Mustard greens
  • Spinach


Prunes are rich in copper, which can help with biotin when it comes down to controlling hair loss, especially if it is hereditary.


If you eat bananas then they contain silica, which is great for hair strength other than hair growth. which is beneficial for your beard as well.

Seed oil

Aside from biotin for beard growth, seed oils from sunflower seeds and walnut seeds can also greatly benefit hair growth in general.

Although biotin for beard growth is proven to be very beneficial for men (and potentially women) who want to grow a good beard that is healthy, it is important to have a balance of nutrients and a healthy lifestyle for biotin for beard growth to function better.


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