Jojoba Oil For Beard Growth – Uses Of Jojoba Oil For Beard & Hair Care

JoJoba Oil for beard growthIf you have a beard then you will know that taking care of your beard is of the essence. People don’t admire beard that is not well kept. To keep and have a healthy beard it is necessary to oil. The use of jojoba oil for beard guaranties a healthy beard.

Many people get it all mixed up most times. There is always the comparison of jojoba oil with every other oil. But the right question that should be asked is, “Is jojoba oil an oil or something else?” It is necessary you get to know what jojoba oil is?

What is Jojoba Oil

Jojoba oil is a wonderful ingredient which falls in the category of highly ranked beard and traditional oil balms. This oil is produced by the jojoba tree. This jojoba oil[1] is as a result of the jojoba tree seeds that is known to be native in the deserts located in the northwestern part of Mexico and the one situated at the southwestern part of United States.

Jojoba oil consists of some vitamins and mineral salts. Vitamins contained includes; E and B, while mineral salts are like copper minerals, zinc minerals, iodine minerals, selenium minerals, and chromium minerals. These two are essential to the underlying skin of the body and the facial hair.

Jojoba oil is taken as a special kind of product because it has a pretty shape which is almost the same to sebum oil structure that is produced naturally by the body for moisturizing, lubricating and protecting the hair of the body and its skin.

The oil is in use frequently as an ingredient in a number of cosmetics products including the conditioners, the shampoos, and even the cream that is used for moisturizing.

Well, Jojoba oil is not necessarily oil as it is usually termed; technically, jojoba is a wax ester that is extracted from a plant called jojoba plant with a botanical name Simmondsia chinensis and it is indigenous to the southern part of the United State and the northern part of Mexico.

Jojoba oil has been known for years and it is even regarded as a natural resource in America. During the war in 1943, jojoba oil was used for different purpose like as an additive to motor oil, as transmission oil and also as gear oil. In this day and age, jojoba oil is used for a more effective purpose to benefit human than what it was known for in the 40’s.

Usually, Jojoba oil has a bright golden color in its pure form but after undergoing processing it appears bright and transparent.

Jojoba Oil For Beard Care

1. When your beards have dandruff

Dandruff is one of the problems of unhealthy beards. It makes it looks really unhealthy and sometimes it can really cause beard to fall off.

Jojoba oil contains several minerals that are good for beards like zinc, silicon, and copper. These minerals are really good for treating and prevention of dandruff in beards.

2. In terms of dry beard

Dry beard are not so good to keep and needs to be taken out. However, you can’t keep going through your beard in search of the dry ones. This is another benefit of using jojoba oil.

Jojoba oil contents vitamin E, which is essential for the removal of dry beard. Not only that, the presence of vitamin B also helps in the restoration of moisture to the beards.

Jojoba Oil Benefits

There are so many uses of Jojoba oil apart from it being the perfect oil for beards. Jojoba oil for beard shows moisturizing property and others. The benefits of jojoba oil on beard cannot be overemphasized, however, here are some of the benefits of jojoba oil for beard;

1. It acts as an antibacterial

antibacterial jojoba oilThe strength of jojoba oil is on the high side against bacteria. There are some bacteria that infest the skin, especially the beard area like Staphylococcus.

Most of this bacteria cannot reproduce in the presence of jojoba oil when it is used. When funguses like Candida Albicans that cause severally fungus disease are found in a beard, jojoba oil stops them from multiplying and thereby cause them to die.

The presence of jojoba oil just keeps beards in healthy and more attractive look.

2. Closely related to the human Sebum

one of the most beautiful things about jojoba oil is that they are closely related with the human sebum. The human sebum[2] is the waxy-like substance that is secreted by the Sebaceous gland in the human skin.

Just like human sebum, jojoba oil is also a waxy ester substance as well. What this simply means is that it can be used as a substitute for human sebum and it will possibly add benefit to the skin part.

3. Moisturizing property

When it comes to hair and skin dryness, it is as a result of being exposed to impurities. Every day you step out of our home to the street, it is natural for you to experience dust from different places and the wind. This causes dryness as it covers the hair pore.

The use of jojoba oil for beard has a moisturizing ability that prevents the dryness of the beard and also cleaning up the blocked pores.

4. In terms of Safety, It is totally safe

For much other oil plants, there is the chance of it being unsafe for usage due to some toxic substance that is often found in them. But jojoba oil happens to be different from them. Using jojoba place oil is not toxic in any way to the skin or the beard, in fact, it promotes healthy beard growth.

What this means is that it won’t block the skin pore opening with any toxic substance and it can safely be used around the eyes.

Knowing the benefits of jojoba oil for beard is good, however, it is better to know how to apply it for a better and healthier beard. Here is how to apply jojoba oil for beard.

Ways to use Jojoba oil for beard

There are people with really dry beards and skin. Dry beards break off like every hair too, this makes the beards look very unhealthy.

To use jojoba oil for beard, take a few drops of the oil and massage your beards and leave it for 30 minutes or use leave it overnight.

Be very sure that the message was properly done and no space is left out. Make sure the oil penetrates every space and wash off afterward the time frame.

If you have a dry skin but not so dry, you can take a few drops of jojoba oil and massage your beards after a shower and wash off after about 30 minutes to one hour.

Make sure your skin and beard are not looking greasy or dripping of oil. It should be mild and use a soup that is also not harsh to wash off. As you keep using it you will soon be able to determine the quantity that s best suited for your beard.

A lot of people love keeping beard because of its lovely. However, it takes a little more conscious effort to main your beard. Maintenance of your beard is what makes it much more attractive and healthy. Jojoba oil for beard is amazing oil that put your beard in good condition, fighting bacterial, keeping your skin healthy and making your beard glow.


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