Minoxidil For Beard Growth: Does Rogaine for beard work?

How Long It Takes To Experience Changes After Using MinoxidilAre you tired of a bare face or patchy beard? It’s high time you start growing facial hair you’ve always wanted, thanks to minoxidil, the active element in Rogaine for beard growth. This product has been used by men for a long time to promote the growth of beard.

The active ingredient in Rogaine is minoxidil and that is why the product is mostly referred to by its active element. The two are one and the same thing except that Rogaine is the branded version while minoxidil is the generic version.

Originally, the hypersensitive vasolidator minoxidil was used in the treatment of high blood pressure and was taken orally. When ingested, it causes expansion of smaller arteries to reduce the resistance to blood flow. Later, a tropical solution for combating hair loss was developed after the side effects of excessive hair growth were noted in patients.

How Minoxidil For Beard Growth Works

Does Rogaine for beard actually work? According to Google, this is a commonly posted question on beard forums. Actually, it has been revealed that the searches for ‘minoxidil beard’ reach 19,500 times and over every month while ‘Rogaine for beard’ hits more than 1,600 searches.

If you are unsure whether you have an even beard growth, start with a clean-shaven face and find out if you have any patches anywhere- between sideburns, on the chin, or above the jawline. If you notice some irregularities, start looking for minoxidil beard results and you will notice a tremendous change. It is recommended that you consult a doctor before you start using Rogaine.

Minoxidil work for beards by expanding hair follicles and consequently thickening the hair strands. It also prolongs a stage of hair growth known as anagen, causing the hair shafts to further increase in number and length. If used properly, minoxidil beard results is safe and effective. Research reveals that it reduces vertex balding in 60% of men who take this beard product, while their hair density increase by 10% – 12%.

Without a question, Rogaine works for the majority of the users who want to grow a longer beard. Since its primary function is to trigger the expansion of hair follicles, it means that they must be present in the first place. If you have beard patches with no follicles at all, then minoxidil for beard growth will not work there. If your beard has stunted growth, it doesn’t mean that you don’t have hair follicles; what you need is a booster (Rogaine).

Not only is Rogaine used for facial hair growth but also in cases of hair loss in various parts of the body. However, when you stop using Rogaine, you can lose the gained hair if you have been applying it for less than three months. Expect mild growth of hair on your chest, eyebrows, and arms. In case you develop unwanted growth, do not discontinue its use immediately because you might lose most of what you’ve gained.

Types Of Minoxidil For Beard Growth: Foam Vs Liquid Minoxidil

The two forms are fine in terms of efficacy; but if you want to see more clearly how you are applying the product, use the foam. It is more straightforward and doesn’t cause a mess like the liquid form which will run over your face. As long as you follow the right application procedure, either form should give you results.

How To Apply Minoxidil

Whether you want to grow a long beard or stay clean-shaven is all up to you. The important thing to keep in your mind is that minoxidil should be applied 4 hours before shaving or washing your beard. This time is sufficient for your skin to absorb the product. Apply minoxidil all over your beard area- the neck, chin, mustache, sideburns, soul patch area, and the cheeks. Concentrate more on the weaker spots.

How to apply the liquid  Rogaine

1. Thoroughly clean your beard with the right product

2. Do not worry about the application if it is your first time to buy Rogaine. The liquid form comes with a dropper which you can use to put it on your beard. Measure 3. 1ml with a dropper and start applying onto your beard and not any other place. Use the tip to spread it over the beard and prevent the running of the liquid Rogaine. You should also use your fingers. This is best done at night.

3.Rub the liquid gently with your fingers with some pressure

4.Wash your hands after application

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How To apply the foam Rogaine

1. Wash your face and beard thoroughly

2. Using cold water, rinse your hands. The foam dissolves faster in warm hands, so keep them cool

3. Turn the can upside down to dispense the foam o your cold fingers. Take an amount equivalent to half a cap (1ml)

4. Use fingers of your other hand to apply the foam on your beard until all foam is used up

5. Cleans your hands thoroughly after application

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The 1ml is just an estimate and you need not use the full amount. 0.5ml can do each day. It is recommended that you use no more than 2mls every day but use only a little during the first week. Since people are different, it is crucial that you find the amount that works best for you. Generally, every application must be kept 12 hours apart.

As you can see, applying Rogaine beard is not hard so you don’t have to worry if you are doing it wrong. Just make sure that you rub it onto the skin and allow it to stay for 4 hours. Then you can clean rinse or shave your beard. It is still fine if you choose to leave it on the beard till the nest application.

How To Get Good Results From Minoxidil or Rogaine Beard

Minoxidil resultsMinoxidil is applied to curb the common problem of hair loss caused by male baldness (loss of hair at the scalp’s vertex). If this is a common phenomenon in your family, then you might experience it at some point in your life. Minoxidil beard treatment will, therefore, work best if your beard hair loss is hereditary

After a few weeks of application with no effects, don’t get discouraged as you will see outcomes later. So, you need to stick with minoxidil if you want to see results. to increase the growth rate of your beard, there are a few things you can do:

a) Choose the right variety

The version of minoxidil you buy can make a lot of difference. Basically, there are 2 varieties: 2% and 5%. The latter has some extra powers. Choose the 5% variety if you want your facial hair to emerge faster, stronger, thicker. Both the generic and branded versions contain the 5% but you will save your money if you choose the generic version.

b) Apply twice a day

After purchasing the minoxidil, read carefully the instructions and use it two times per day on your beard. Do it in the morning and at night.

c) Reach for the hair roots

As you apply the Rogaine beard, rub it thoroughly so that it gets down to the roots of the beard hair. Start rubbing from the roots to the tips and make sure it is absorbed into your skin if you want a thicker beard.

d) Hydrate yourself

Be ready to hydrate yourself because dryness is one of the effects of using Rogaine. Don’t forget to use a moisturizer with effective ingredients like the jojoba oil and vitamin E. Consider using some beard balm to tame your beard and hydrate your skin more. Take sufficient water per day- more than usual and apply face oil or a hydrating lotion. In the first few weeks, you will experience a smoother skin but at some point, dryness will set in.

Rogaine is also most effective when used by men who are under forty years of age and for those who begin its application as soon as they notice some hair loss. If you have lost the entire hair, it may not work.

If any of these conditions apply to you, do not use minoxidil:

1. Redness/ infection, itchiness of the skin under beard
2. If you are below 21 years
3. You have a heart condition
4. When undergoing chemotherapy
5. If your hair loss is caused by thyroid disease
6. You lost hair due to chemicals and grooming products such as cornrowing

How Long It Takes To Experience Changes After Using Minoxidil

Some men start noticing changes as soon as 2 – 3 weeks of use but the vast majority of users doesn’t notice changes until 3 – 6 months of use. You have to be patient and know that people are different. It is also safe to apply other beard products alongside Rogaine to boost success.

Minoxidil beard results is highly dependent on dosage; it is more effective when applied in higher concentration. Note that the difference between using 5% and 2% concentration is not the rate of facial hair growth but the amount and thickness of beard. If you want to switch to using 5%, watch out for the side effects.

Other Things To Take Care Of When Using Minoxidil

Have you started to experience some beard growth after applying minoxidil? Congratulations if yes. Now you just need a few beard maintenance guidelines.

Beard wash

One thing you are most likely to experience is the beardruff and you want to know how to keep it at bay. Beardruff is basically dandruff on facial hair. With the proper beard products, you can nix it. Forget about the typical anti-dandruff shampoos used by women. Your beard is in a critical state because you are using minoxidil and what you need is a beard wash which is specifically designed for facial hair. Do not use bar soap on your beard because it will accelerate the dryness of the skin under your beard, making beardruff worse. Use beard wash two times a week. Do not overdo it.

Beard oil

This is one of the best products you should apply on your developing beard. Beard oil will not only prevent beardruff but also make your facial hair smoother, healthier, and easy to style. The oil consists of two fundamental ingredients: essential oils and carrier oils. The latter make up 95% to 99% of the product and the rest is essential oils.

A good tip is to choose unscented beard oil with such ingredients as jojoba and argan oil. These oils are almost like the natural sebum your skin generates and are more effective in the treatment of beardruff. As your beard grows longer and thicker, it could start getting smelly and at that point, you can look for the scented beard oil.

To apply the beard oil, pour some of it into your hands and rub into your beard evenly. Begin with the beard roots and work your way down the goatee. You will be replenishing the roots of your beard with the necessary nutrients for growth.

Take enough proteins

Your body will require a lot of proteins as you strive to grow a beard. The hair follicles grow at a very fast pace and they will demand a lot of amino acids. If you didn’t know, every month, the hair grows 5” longer. You need the right types of proteins to boost this growth e.g. lean beef, fish, legumes, chicken, peanut butter, nuts, and dairy products. You will also note an increased growth in your nails because they also depend on proteins. Because you will be increasing your calorie intake, make sure you take on an effective workout regime for a healthy body.

Growing a killer goatee is wonderful but you must take care of your calorie intake. Counteract the effect by hitting the gym on a daily basis.

Get enough sleep

Make sure that you sleep for at least 8 hours daily. It may be tough but it will make a huge difference if you aspire to grow a healthy beard.

The Side Effects

Rogaine or minoxidil for beard growth have side effects , minoxidil beard side effects are not that serious but they are things you must be aware of. The last thing you want is to compromise your health at the expense of boosting your facial hair growth. Common side effects include:

  • Dry skin
  • Skin irritation
  • Fluid retention
  • Heart palpitations
  • Unwanted hairs- arms, chest, etc
  • Nausea
  • Change in beard color and texture
  • Temporal hair shedding
  • Headache
  • Sleeplessness
  • Fatigue
  • Increased appetite

If your eyes come into contact with the product, use a lot of cool water to rinse them.In case you experience the following, see a doctor immediately:

  • Swollen feet and hands
  • Systemic hair growth
  • Dizziness
  • Chest pain

The temporary shedding of hair may start after two weeks of usage but does not exceed 1 to 2 months. The reason the hair sheds is that new growth pushes out the old hair shafts. As soon as you start applying minoxidil, the new follicles take on a similar cycle as the other follicles, making them re-grow and shed within the same period of time. Note that shedding is not balding like some people misconceive it. As a matter of fact, no one else will notice except you because it is just minimal.

It doesn’t matter whether your skin is naturally oily or not, minoxidil will eventually cause dryness. In some cases, it causes skin breakouts like pimples in the first few weeks. Because Rogaine has alcohol as its carrier, the pimples dry out eventually.

As far as these side effects are concerned, do not worry too much. If you keep a positive attitude, you will be okay. Some people mistake irrelevant symptoms with the side effects of Rogaine, so consider checking with a doctor when in doubt.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) About Minoxidil:-

Trimming or Shaving Beard When Using Rogaine/Minoxidil

You might be wondering which is better- shaving or trimming when using Rogaine. Both are good. Trimming your beard facilitates better absorption of the minoxidil into your skin as opposed to the hair. Bearing that in mind, you may allow your beard to grow without trimming or shaving. It will not hamper the development process while on Rogaine.

How Long Should You Use Minoxidil?

Anything from 6 months to 2 years is fine. If you experience the outcomes sooner, then you might want to stop using it earlier. Whether you want to stop using it completely is entirely up to you. As long as you are satisfied with your facial hair growth, you can stop applying it. But remember that you will experience some shedding. A good idea is to apply it sporadically i.e. using it less and less as days go by. But make sure that your goals have been reached first before you start weaning. Your beard will not fall out as long as your hair has reached terminal (maturity).

Rogaine works best for men with hereditary loss of hair. If after 4 months of application you don’t experience results, see your doctor.

Is There An Age Limit?

Some younger adults report better results but this is purely an observational conclusion and no empirical tests have been carried out. Some men, who are in their forties and fifties, see beard gains. As a general rule of thumb, anyone below 21 years of age should not use Rogaine because their body is still developing. If you are young, wait for your beard to grow fuller and don’t take risks at a younger age but the decision is ultimately in your hands.

What Do Consumers Say About Minoxidil?

Minoxidil has been reported to be a powerful beard product. Without it, some men say that they wouldn’t be having the goatee they have today. Some guys only had a mustache and chin hair, with an insignificant soul patch which never connected to the goatee. After using minoxidil, their facial hair developed significantly. Rogaine works and thousands of men are a living testimony to that.

Where To Buy Minoxidil or Rogaine For Beard

There is a wide array of places you can get minoxidil particularly online. You will also find it in shops that sell personal care products. Check the internet the top minoxidil brands and you will find exhaustive customer reviews which you can compare. Make sure you buy minoxidil from a reputable brand. You don’t have to buy a brand that your neighbor uses to see results. If you are purchasing online, look for credible websites like Amazon and credible sources like eBay.

Is Rogaine FDA Approved?

Minoxidil for beard is not approved by FDA but a lot of men use it after consulting a dermatologist. For the first time to use on the face, apply in moderation.

No scientific tests have been carried out on the effects of Rogaine on the face, and that’s why the product has not yet been FDA approved. But it doesn’t mean it’s harmful just because some clinical tests have not yet been ascertained. If you have a fear of the unknown, seek a qualified doctor’s opinion and use your own judgment.

While most beard products like oils, balms, and shampoos are approved, none of them stimulate growth like Rogaine. Their outcomes are minimal and cannot transform your beard from patchy to full like Rogaine does. Actually, some oils are known to hinder growth.

Now you know how to apply minoxidil beard . All you need is patience. It takes a different journey on different guys regardless of routine and lifestyle. Even two identical twins can have significantly different outcomes but one thing is for sure: the beard will grow eventually. It starts with small vellus hair the first few weeks or months. Be persistent and stay positive and a fuller beard will follow.

If you have any medical condition, it is important that you see your physician and find out if there are any risks involved with the use of Rogaine for beard.

Note that beard does not develop overnight, so there is no need to keep checking if it’s improving after every 2 hours. Bear in mind that consistency in the use of minoxidil is what will help you see results. In two months, you are sure to see a difference. A 600ml bottle is enough for 2 months’ use.

Of all the beard growth products, minoxidil for beard growth is the best option.

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