How To Straighten Your Curly Beard

A bad beard day is very distracting because it lowers a man’s self-esteem and physical appeal. Hair curls on the head are considered attractive but beard curls are messy. Even though beard hair is of different texture, any man can manage through some simple techniques.

Curly beard  and unruly beard is a common phenomenon among men and is mainly due to dryness. Damaged and dry hair stiffens up and eventually curls. Therefore, in order to straighten the hair shafts, the root cause should be treated first. Is your curly beard hair or mane bothering you? First, check out why it curls and the follow the next steps on how to straighten a beard.
Straighten Your Curly Beard

Rationales behind curly beard
The shape of hair follicles determines how the hair shafts develop. Straight hair emanates from symmetrical follicles while curly hairs originate from asymmetrical follicles. In addition, symmetrical follicles can sometimes produce curly hair when a certain type of keratin is unevenly distributed.

Reasons you must straighten curly beard hair

Every man has their distinctive personality style. Some prefer going bushy while others like it elegant and short. Naturally curled up manes are messy and if you happen to have one, then you have some extra work to do to keep your beard from damage. Just make sure you use the right products. Keeping a groomed face shows that you are an organized man. Ladies will even love you for that and the world will take you more seriously.

Now that you know what causes beard curls, it’s time for you to uncover methods of softening and straightening it. If you have never practiced beard grooming, it may be challenging at first but once you make it a routine, you will like it and the results will be thrilling. The following are the solutions.

Methods of straightening a curly beard

Naturally, curly beard hair is hard to control and the best thing to do is straighten it constantly. Beard straightening can be categorized into 3 types namely mechanical, natural and chemical ways. Straightening begins with relaxing the hair for it to lay flat and soft.

A. Chemical straightening

There are countless chemicals which can be used to straighten rough curly beard. Normally, they are harsh elements which can burn the skin if handled by unqualified persons. Note that the face has very delicate skin that requires meticulous attention. To straighten your beard the chemical way, make sure you consult a qualified barber. Never try a DIY straightening at home.

B. Natural straightening

This is a daily routine that needs to be adhered to strictly. If you are serious and committed, you will have straight beard throughout the day. This natural way doesn’t require artificial soaps or shampoos. Harsh products are the reason why the skin flakes and caused beard dryness. A dry beard is very prone to breakages and straightening it is never a walk in the park. To maintain natural facial hair, use mild beard wash and conditioners. These products do not erode the natural hair lubricant and so will maintain smooth facial hair with a greasy feel. Remember to gently pat your beard with a towel rather than rub it to avoid hair breakages.


The best shampoo for the beard is the organic type because it is gentle. Regular hair shampoo is not recommended because of the harshness of its ingredients. The frequency with which you shampoo your facial hair matters a lot; as well as the type of product you use. Shampooing too often and using harsh products can cause  dryness because your natural oil will be stripped off.

As a matter of fact, you don’t have to shampoo every day but it is imperative that you keep your mustache clean. The only factor that would necessitate daily shampooing is exposure to grime and dirt at your work place. Otherwise, you should only apply beard shampoo once a week.

Make sure that the product you choose is gentle on your skin so that it doesn’t erode sebum. Cleansing your beard prepares it for straightening curly beard. Moist hair is easier to deal with and can be styled as desired. While washing, let your fingers separate the hair shafts as much as you can. Then rinse it completely to remove all the shampoo.


Basically, you should hydrate your beard after shampooing and after every normal shower. It helps to keep the beard soft. Unlike beard shampoo, conditioner can be used every day.


It is of utmost importance that you buy quality oils and you can blend them if you like. Don’t go for artificial ones that contain fragrances particularly if your skin type is dry. Artificial elements will worsen the condition of your goatee.

oiling curly beardBe very keen on the ingredients because sometimes an oil may be labeled as natural while its contents are totally synthetic. Do not take any scent that is used in the manufacture of candles as it will damage your manly face.

The best beard straightening oils consist of vitamins and nutrients necessary for the growth of hair and skin e.g. vitamin A, E, and C. It is okay to apply oil on a daily basis if it feels frizzy. After taking a bath, make it customary to dispense some drops of natural oil on your palms massage through beard while it is still damp. You can use a saw-cut comb to help the oil get to the skin under your mane. Oils help to retain the moisture by preventing excessive evaporation. As such, the hair remains smooth.

Styling with beard balm

Beard balm is a great hair straightening product as it contains natural oils which soften the hair and makes it straight all day long. It is one of the most appropriate softening products for the longer beard. It has the properties of natural beard oils.If your curls naturally or due to other reasons, what you need is something with holding properties in order to facilitate proper styling.

The beard balm is the product you need. It also gives the benefits of beard wax. Given the nourishing elements like avocado and cocoa butter, beard balm ensures that your facial hair remains moisturized, smooth, and easier to straighten. It provides the groomed look you just need without producing the greasy sensation. To soften beard with balm, scoop some of it with your finger and rub it on your palm so as to melt it. Then massage every bit of your goatee from top to bottom.

C. Mechanical straightening

This is where a straightener is used. The main beard straighteners include blow dryers and iron.

Blow drying

If you have a long goatee, you can easily straighten it with a blow dryer. However, you need to set temperatures of the dryer at their lowest level. Before you blow dry, make sure that the hair is completely cleansed, conditioned and massaged with beard oil. Comb it gently as you run the dryer. If you would like to hold a certain style, take some beard balm and rub through the facial hair.

How to blow dry beard with comb diffuser
Before blow drying, you need to apply a protective spray to prevent any burns. Comb diffuser features concentrated nozzle and a straightener. It is safer and faster than typical hair dryers. The drier is attached to a straightening comb which you need to use for separating the hair. Don’t forget to set it to minimum heat. Use your both hands to comb out the beard.

Instead of long bursts, perform short ones across and through your chin, cheeks, and mustache. Make sure that you spread and push back the hair to achieve a separated but thicker beard. After fluffing out the hair, use a diffuser to blow all over the beard. Comb it down once more and apply beard oil. Then you may brush it as a final touch.

Iron straightening

Flat iron can help to make a curly beard straight but a lot of caution is required. Iron produces a lot of heat which can break hair strands or worse yet burn the skin. If you must take the risk, start by softening your beard first and then use the lowest heat possible.

You must add moisture constantly to prevent overheating. Iron straightening works best for thicker hair and it eliminates all natural curls which contribute to the apparent thickness. After straightening, the hair looks thinner.

Proper combing

A beard comb is very critical. Cheap combs made of plastic are poor and they break beard hair to create split ends. Wooden combs are not good either for curly beard hair. The best combs are the sawcut designs as they are made of cutting edge materials and smooth teeth.

Beard brush

A boar bristle brush works well and you should work your hair downwards. Beard brush carries sebum oil and distributes it all over the hair making it silky and smooth. It is also perfect for cleaning particularly if you don’t cleanse your face daily.

Quality beard brush eliminates impurities and sticky products from the facial hair. It is highly recommended for healthier, softer, and good-looking manly face.

Useful hacks on how to straighten curly beard hair

Now that you have all the aces of beard straightening, you need some more grooming tips.

[I] Never apply any product with alcohol on your beard. Alcohol causes dry skin and will make your face or Beard itch constantly

[II] Do not apply beard balm while the hair is still wet. Moisture will hamper effective absorption of the beard balm as it dilutes the essential oils

[III] Groom your mane before going to bed to make straightening easier every morning

[IV] Instead of beard balm, apply beard oil before going to bed. The balm contains beeswax which will cause tangles of the hair as you sleep

[V] Never apply any oil, conditioner, or balm on dirty beard. Dirt mixed with products clogs up your skin pores

[VI] Steer clear all cheap combs and brushes. Choose sawcut combs and brushes specifically designed for beard

[VII] Trim your beard regularly to minimize split ends for a softer feel

Things you must avoid at all cost:-

Poor hygiene
Beard is one of the most exposed parts of the face. Since it is a part of you, you must get used to it and learn to clean it daily. Remember that the face is more prone to getting dirty than the head and so it needs extra attention. Beard hair comes into contact with food and drinks more often.

Dirty hands also contribute to poor sanitation because men love to touch their beard. So, if you cannot wash your hands all the time, your mane will always be contaminated with any dirt that attaches to your hands.

The problem with facial hair is that it is not immune against debris and food particles and so it can become unhealthy. The debris and dirt make it hard to comb through the hair and as such it ends up looking rugged and rough all the time. That said, you must maintain proper personal hygiene if you need to keep the straight beard. Since a rough face means an ugly man, stay away from dirt.

A dry beard curls easily. Dryness is due to dehydrated skin. Every day you spend without taking water negatively affects your beard. Basically, dehydration results from loss of body water. To avoid this you need to replenish yourself with sufficient water so that your hair remains moisturized even when the environmental conditions are dry. Generally, staying without water for long period will bring negative consequence on your skin and hair.

Whether you have a wavy, rough, curly, bushy, or average beard, the given regimes will provide tremendous benefits. You deserve a straight and magnificent beard. Any beard length can be straightened but long ones are easier to work with straightening tools.

Always ensure that you have these tools:

  • Beard comb
  • Beard brush
  • Beard oil and balm
  • Blow dryer/straightener
  • Texture paste {optional}

Does your facial hair feel like some curly wires and itches while your woman complains of your facial roughness? You don’t need to worry anymore because the above solutions are meant to make your life easier as you maintain your Santa Claus.


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