Vitabeard Reviews – Does Vitabeard Work for Beard Growth?

Vitabeard Reviews: Does Vitabeard Work for Beard Growth?
If you want to attain a thick and furry mane, vitabeard could be the right supplements for you. Besides accelerating the growth rate of your mane, it also enhances your facial appearance, courtesy of vitamin Bs. Even if your beard is already strong, this supplement would still boost your beard’s health because it helps to prevent common problems like beardruff dry skin under beard hence it’s worth a go.

Vitabeard is basically a nutritional supplement with lots of vitamins- the very first beard vitamin. It is specifically formulated to meet your daily vitamin requirements and it differs from other vitamin supplements in that it focuses on the growth of facial hair. And since its profile is dense, it may be used as a daily multivitamin.

Before you purchase the beard vitamin, be sure that what you want is to grow stronger and healthier goatee. Then you can finally have a beard you always covet. What are you waiting for?

Make sure you understand what vitabeard does. Note that it doesn’t generate the growth of facial hair but fertilizes it to speed up the growth process. So, if you don’t have a beard by nature, don’t expect it to grow by applying this supplement. You will also not gain much if you have bald spots.

However, if you have some beard parts that seem to have stunted growth, the supplement will do you good. This article will be talking about what is expected from this bead supplement.

What do vitabeard users say?

The positive results of this beard growth product speak for themselves. A lot of people have acknowledged the beard vitamin supplement as the best. It has the answers for men who seek to grow a goatee without going through the common issues. From the reviews of vitabeard, a vast majority of the consumers give it the highest rating (5 -star) and they highly recommend its application.

How effective is it?

Vitabeard supplements come as capsules inside a bottle. Every capsule should be taken thrice a day together with food. Since the bottle has 90 capsules, it will last for a whole month. Significant outcomes start to show after one month of consuming the capsules.

So, if you don’t see results after two weeks, be patient as they are on the way. All hair in-growths must be shaven for better results. However, bald patches cannot be solved by simply taking vitamins.

Apart from the vitamins and minerals, this supplement contains beard-nourishing elements such as silica and Methyl-sulfonyl-methane (MSM). These elements are very beneficial especially if you have a deficiency.

They will promote facial hair development and replenish your body with what it lacks. The real deal is in the ingredients of this product.Thus give postive vitabeard results.

Vitabeard Description

Vitabeard is a facial hair formula manufactured in the USA. Ingredients of the highest standards are used in the manufacture of this healthy facial hair care product.

It is described as the original beard growth multivitamin, and the first of its nature to provide optimal conditions for healthy facial hair.

More than a multi-vitamin, It accelerates length and thickness of facial hair and softens the beard hair shafts. Due to the many nutrients it contains, it enhances the overall health of a man’s body.

The product is verified as organic and vegan and no other beard supplements have these qualifications.

A powerful multi-vitamin for men who keep long beards. It offers the daily dietary support that is needed. It also reduces itchiness, dry skin, and beard rash.

Vitabeard has no drugs and is a safe product. Before it is released for consumption, it is tested for illegal substances. Even the most prominent bearded sportsmen use this product.

Vitabeard Ingredients and Their Benefits

The beard growth vitamin has tons of ingredients which all work towards a lumberjack and healthier mane. Some people assume that there are some steroids or growth hormones in the product since it promotes rapid hair growth. If you take a close look at the label, you will see a list of all the components and there is nothing like growth hormones or steroids. Majority of the content is vitamins- variations of vitamin B, As, C, D, and E. Other minerals like copper, iodine, and zinc are also present.

Did you know that vitamin B7 has seven forms and only one occurs naturally in food? But the facial hair formula provides them all. There are no banned substances and the product has been certified by health organizations. It is manufactured by a facility that ranks high in the U.S.A and contains quality elements that enhance absorption in the alimentary canal. Here are the details of individual ingredients:


Zinc plays a huge role in the manufacture of DNA and RNA both of which affect directly the splitting and production of hair follicles. High levels of zinc in the body caused rapid reproduction of follicle cells, making the beard sprout faster. This mineral is also responsible for protein synthesis hence enhances the structure of the follicle cells.

Inadequate amounts of zinc in the body means insufficient hair cells and ultimately stunted facial hair growth. The mineral can also protect your eyes from cataracts as well as macular degeneration. Furthermore, it can treat several illnesses like acne, eczema, peptic ulcers, Alzheimer’s disease, Down syndrome, diabetes, etc.

2. B-group vitamins

They are 8 in number, all of which are water soluble and responsible for different metabolic functions. Most of them are hardly stored in the body and therefore must be taken from food on regular basis. Their availability, however, is hampered by over-cooking, food processing, and alcohol consumption. It is advisable not to take too much of them because some of these vitamins may be harmful when consumed in excess. They include:

  • Thiamine- B1
  • Riboflavin- B2
  • Niacin- B3
  • Pantothenic- B5
  • Pyridoxine- B6
  • Biotin- B7
  • Folic acid- B9
  • Cyanocobalamin- B12

They are all effective as far as facial hair growth is concerned. For instance, the deficiency of vitamin B2 causes loss of hair follicles; and so if taken appropriately, the vitamin boosts hair growth. On the other hand, insufficient vitamin B6 leads to stunted hair growth while B12 promotes the production of proteins that are necessary for the creation of strong hair follicles.

A combination of these vitamins helps in production and repair of hair follicles, development of more hair cells, and a general boost in growth of beard. The B-complex vitamins serve other purposes like aiding the body in the conversion of food to energy thereby speeding up metabolism.

They are also proven to combat issues of the nervous system like loss of memory, migraines, and chronic headaches. In addition, they enhance the immunity by stimulating the secretion of red blood cells; reducing aging of body cells; as well as maintaining healthy levels of cholesterol.

3. Para-Aminobenzoic Acid (PABA)

PABA is effective in reducing the growth of gray hair. It does not, however, spur the development of beard but provides a number of benefits like treating infertility, lupus, anemia, rheumatic fever, headaches, and arthritis. It also protects the skin from harmful effects of UV rays and that’s why it is included in the manufacture of sunscreen lotions.

4. Vitamin E

The most important function of vitamin E is increasing blood circulation. When the blood circulates evenly in the body, the muscles and hair cells get sufficient nutrients and oxygen for better growth. It, therefore, ensures that the hair cells access all the vitamins that a man consumes to boost his beard growth.

The nutrients have an easier time reaching their destination thanks to vitamin E. Not only is vitamin E an anti-inflammatory agent but also an antioxidant. It will, therefore, cause healing of damaged follicles and spark the growth of a healthy mustache.

5. Horsetail extract

This is another crucial ingredient which contains active elements such as cysteine, silica, and selenium. They all facilitate the growth of a healthy goatee as well as increase blood circulation. They also replenish the body with basic proteins for the development of strong hair follicles.

These active compounds are antioxidants and known to block free radicals which cause the death of hair cells. Additionally, they have anti-inflammatory effects and as such, they promote healing of damaged skin cells. In essence, the horsetail extract boosts the immunity of the body, reduce infections, and maintain strong muscles.

6. Vitamin C

This is a vital antioxidant that maintains healthy hair follicles as well as skin cells. It also promotes the production of collagen and much more benefits like reducing asthma risk, treating cold, and maintaining a healthy cardiovascular system.

It is one of the ingredients that prevent dry skin under beard as well as minimize the occurrence of beard rash which is a very irritating condition.

7. Methyl-sulfonyl-methane (MSM)

Methyl-sulfonyl-methane is a natural compound found in human body and food as well. It is very helpful as it stimulates the production of collagen, which is a protein that hastens the process of hair growth. MSM is, therefore, a vital building block of facial hair. It also plays a huge role in the repair of worn our hair follicles and skin cells. Besides, it boosts the natural development of facial hair cells.

The benefits of MSM go beyond hair growth as it can treat painful joints and muscles, repair broken skin, minimize stress, reduce the risk of allergic reactions, enhance digestion, and so on.

VitaBeard Side Effects

As far as beard products are concerned, side effects are bound to happen. Vitabeard’s side effects are minimal and it’s rare to notice them. Actually, most men don’t report any issues with this beard growth multi-vitamin. Nevertheless, some mild side effects may occur as follows:

1. Rapidly developing nails

This is not a bad effect at all because it does not negatively impact the health of an individual but it happens anyway. The hair and nails share common characteristics in that they are both made of proteins. Anything that boosts hair growth will automatically increase nail growth. The only bad side about this side effect is that one will be required to trim their nails more often to maintain clean hands.

2.Unpleasant taste

Those who consume vitabeard capsules report bad taste. The pills are not supposed to be dissolved but rather swallowed quickly. It is okay to drink water to facilitate easy swallowing.

3. Unexpected outcomes

The majority of vitabeard users report positive outcomes but there is a number of men who claim to see little or delayed results. The reason for the difference is that body chemistry is not the same in all men. Everyone reacts uniquely to the ingredients contained in the beard supplement.

Nonetheless, nobody has ever reported no results in totality. It is recommended to wait for at least 30 days to see positive outcomes; otherwise, you would be over-expecting if you think the multivitamin is not working after two weeks of daily consumption.

Vitabeard Benefits

1. Minimal beard itch

One of the improvements that occur when you start taking vitabeard is reduced itchiness. This is a condition that makes most men give up on growing a goatee because of the irritation it causes. Beard itch is quite uncomfortable, inconvenient and frustrating. But thanks to vitabeard the beard itch problem becomes a history.

The beard vitamin contains Beta Carotene or vitamin A which minimizes the production of oil and in turn reduces clogging of oil pores on the face. If the pores get blocked, they bring what is called beardruff which is characterized by itchiness and dry skin under the beard.

2. Improved beard sheen

It is easy to spot a man in public who used vitabeard because his facial hair is ever shiny. Unkempt beard looks bushy, fizzy, dry, and damaged. This beard supplement increases blood circulation so that your skin and hair shafts stay replenished all the time. It is particularly paramount during windy seasons when the skin tends to lose a lot of moisture. It is the vitamin E in the supplement that does the wonders.

3.No chance of losing hair

Some men are predisposed for losing hair at their tender ages. Apart from that, they may develop patches where facial hair doesn’t develop as expected. This is a huge inconvenience for anyone looking forward to having a long beard. Besides promoting hair growth, the zinc found in vitabeard prevents loss of hair and improves the body immunity. It is a wonderful relief when the body depletes its sources of zinc.

Even if vitabeard seems like an all-in-one facial hair remedy, it is advisable to combine it with other products like beard shampoo, conditioner, oil, and balm. The beard care products or beard growth products will bring the results faster. They are effective at preventing beardruff and moisturizing the facial hair. Some precautions to take include not using vitabeard if you are a smoker, under medication, or if you are below 18 years of age. Otherwise, as far as beard supplement products are concerned, vitabeard comes front and center. Not only does it promote a furry and long beard but a wonderful multivitamin as well.

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