Coconut Oil For Beard Growth

Coconut Oil For Beard GrowthOf the most masculine attributes in males, in addition to the muscular body, is the beard. A dense and long beard is source of prestige for not just the man who grows that beard, but also their wife or girlfriend. Thus, if you love your beard, then you must know how to grow beard naturally. There are many ways of doing this, but the application of beard oil is the most popular. This begs the question, which is the best oil for applying on the beard if you want it to grow? Well, there are many recommended oils, but coconut oil for beard is ranked among the best. It is associated with many health benefits on the hair and also on the skin.

Remember that for the beard to grow, you must take care of the skin in which it grows, and must also take care of the individual hair strands. The coconut oil has been used for the protection of the skin and the hair for many decades. Its greatest advantage is that it does not trigger allergic reactions and can be used by anyone in the family.

When applied on the beard, it prevents itching and all the other effects associated with allergy and other skin conditions. As it is being produced in high quantities across the world, the cost of this oil coming down, and so it is readily available online at affordable rates.

What is coconut oil?

What is coconut oilThe source of coconut oil is important as it determines it effectiveness. For instance, some of the coconut oils are extracted from coconuts harvested from coconut palms grown using fertilizers and other chemicals. The natural coconut oil is extracted from the ‘meat’ or kernel of the mature coconuts, which are harvested from coconut palms.

There are many ways of extraction, but the natural method of extraction in which highest degrees of hygiene are maintained, is the most recommended. The oil is sold in liquid form but turns solid at room temperature. However, it melts fast especially when exposed to heat such as for instance by applying it on the palms and rubbing against each other.

The varieties of coconut oil:-

This oil is available in two major varieties, virgin coconut oil and refined coconut oil, both which can be added to food. However, organic coconut oil has also gained a lot of popularity nowadays and is widely recommended for the growth of the beard.

The following are the various coconut oil varieties.

1. Refined coconut oil

This refers to coconut oil extracted through physical or chemical processes which refine it further, from its natural state. The purification of the oil is aimed at removing odour and impurities in it.

2. Virgin coconut oil

The raw, unrefined coconut oil which is made through wet or dry process. Some it may be in edible form, meaning it can be added to foods. However, health organizations do not recommend taking coconut oil in food as it is not may be good for the health when ingested. However, when applied on the skin and the beard, its benefits are immense.

3. Organic coconut oil

In addition to the refined coconut oil and virgin coconut oil, there are various other types of coconut oil you find online, but the best and most recommended is the organic coconut oil. The term ‘organic’ describes anything grown and produced naturally without the use of any chemicals or other products which may contain toxins.

Now, what should be noted is that most of the coconut oil you find on line is not organic. The pure organic coconut oil is a bit expensive. Either way, coconut oil can transform the feel and look of the beard.

How’s work coconut oil on beard?

coconut oil on beardThe beard is basically facial hair, and just like the hair that grows on the scalp, it needs moisture for its growth. Coconut oil, first works by providing the necessary moisture for the growth of the beard. The oil locks in moisture and helps soothe the dry skin. Remember that when the skin on which the beard gets dry, the beard may become itchy and may even develop dandruff. It is thus right to say that the oil will help prevent dry skin and development of dandruff.

This oil also has healing properties, which help restore the skin, and ensure that there is less irritation as hair follicles grow to the skin’s surface. In addition to the foregoing, the coconut oil also helps prevent the growth of wild hairs, and also allows shaping and having better control of the beard. The oil hydrates the beard and makes it grow more easily, makes it feel softer, and thus can be managed easily.Thus can also use coconut oil for beard softening .

As the beard grows and becomes longer and denser, the harder to manage it gets. Coconut oil penetrates these strands and gets in to those hair follicles, and by so doing, it softens each individual shaft all the way to its roots. In consequence, the beard will look healthier and thus can be brushed or combed more easily.

When the beard gets dry, the individual strands become more brittle and prone to breakage. A dry beard also gets entangled easily. The moisture provided by the application of this oil allows brushing or combing easily. In terms of the maintenance of the beard, the coconut beard oil will create softer beard and it does not leave behind greasy residue as happens with other low-grade or lactic acid beard conditioners and oils.

When you massage the this oil to the beard after shower, it keeps the follicles and skin well hydrated in order to balance the natural moisture levels, and at the same time helps reduce irritation. Studies have found that this oil contains natural anti-fungal agents which benefit the face and keeps it feeling and looking fresh and helps promote the growth of hair. In short, the oil will strengthen the hair, and the stronger the beard, the less prone it becomes to breakage.

How to use coconut oil for beard

The effectiveness of this oil depends to a certain extent on how the oil is applied on the beard.

You should take some few drops and apply them on dry and clean palms, rub the palms to make it as liquid as possible, then apply it on the beard, beginning from the tip of the beard heading towards the base.

Ensure you apply only the necessary amount of the oil on the beard. Too much of it will melt and may stain the collar of the shirt.

This oil will soften the skin, and also allows the growth of new hair with less itching and irritation.

Coconut oil, when applied correctly and in the right quantities is instantly absorbed the beard and the skin.

The benefits of coconut oil for beard

Coconut oil is gaining acceptance all over the world, as one of the safest and effective products for the growth of the hair, including the beard.One of the best oil for beard growth.. It works amazingly well in moisturizing and conditioning the hair. The following are various benefits of coconut oil for beard care.

1. Prevention of beard dandruff

Hydration of the beard and the skin is important as it helps prevent drying of the skin. When the skin dries, it gets flaky and leads to the development of dandruff. Coconut oil moistens the skin and prevents flaking and drying of the skin and the development of dandruff.

The best way of dealing with or stop beard dandruff is to prevent its development. Once it develops, getting rid of it is difficult as the beautiful beard will have white scaly and flaky particles.

2. Anti-bacterial and anti-fungal properties

Coconut oil has excellent anti fungal and antibacterial properties. This means it prevents the buildup of bacterial and fungi, which may cause infections and other harmful effects on the skin. Fungi and bacteria can cause a lot of mess to the skin and the beard such as the development of lesions on the skin.

3. Growth of the beard

Growth of the beardCoconut oil prevents damage to the hair and also promotes the growth of the beard hair. By applying the coconut oil on beard, you encourage it to grow. If you want to grow the beard and make it longer or thicker, then you must apply the coconut oil on beard.

There is still some debate as to what extent the coconut oil encourages growth of the beard. However, all pundits agree that application of the oil on the beard produces positive results.

4. It soften the beard

Coconut oil is good for the growth of the beard. As discussed above, it is not greasy and so does not entangle the beard strands. Thanks to its lauric acid, it easily penetrates the skin. Its conditioning properties makes the beard’s roots softer and healthier.

With softer beard, the rate of breakage reduces. It also makes combing and styling easier. Hard beard strands become brittle and prone to breakage when combed or styled in some particular way.

5. Makes the beard healthier and shinier

Coconut oil in beard makes the beard healthier in various ways. It hydrates the skin and the individual hair strands, and prevents the beard from getting entangled. A healthier beard means it can easily be reshaped and shaved to the desire style or size. When applied to the beard. The coconut oil makes the beard shiny and more attractive in both appearance and feel.

6. Hydration of the skin

As discussed above, coconut oil should be applied across the beard’s length. It should be massaged on the beard and the skin so as to ensure it penetrates all the way to the hair follicles. This helps keep the roots of the beard and the face well hydrated and treat dry skin under beard.

The massaging is important as not only hydrates the skin but also rebalances the skin’s natural moisture. The messaging itself promotes the circulation of the blood and supply of nutrients to each of the individual beard strands. By consistently applying coconut oil on beard, you keep it well hydrated every day.

7. Useful in shaving

Use full in shaving beardWhen you talk of shaving in a topic about the growth of the beard, some people get surprised. However, shaving may sometimes be necessary, especially if you want to style or grow it some particular way or to some certain standards. It can be applied before, during and also after the shaving.

Due to its antibacterial and anti-fungal properties, it helps prevent development of bacterial and fungal infections after shaving . its one benefit of coconut oil for beard growth. It also prevents drying of the skin and development of dandruff in areas where the beard has been shaved.

Independent studies about coconut oil for beard growth:

Natural products are gaining popularity all over the world. Independent studies on coconut oil conducted by individuals and organizations across the world have found that applying coconut oil on beard is good for its growth. First, it has been found that it boosts the levels of hormones in the body. The hormones being talked about here are the DHT and testosterone hormones that promote the growth of the beard.

Testosterone increases the density of the beard while DHT promotes the beard’s linear growth. Another important hormone contained in coconut oil is the thyroid hormone which plays important role in growth of the nails, skin and the hair in the body.

Another important content of coconut oil is ketones, which helps promote the metabolic rate and functioning of the thyroid gland, and this helps promote the growth of the beard.

Studies conducted on animals have confirmed that coconut oil boosts the levels of testosterone hormone in the body. Testosterone is very important for the growth of the beard. Coconut oil, by boosting the levels of this hormone, stimulates the growth of the beard.


From the foregoing discussion, it can be concluded that coconut oil is very important for the growth of the beard. It promotes the physical and visible growth of the beard, and at the same time boosts the male hormones such as testosterone and DHT, both of which are responsible for the growth and development of the beard in terms of density and length. It also prevents the brakeage of the hair and helps maintain moisture on the skin where the beard grows.


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