8 Ways to Grow a Beard Faster Naturally

If you are one of the guys who love long, thick beard, you need to know how to grow beard faster and naturally . If you talk to those who have an overgrown beard, they will tell you that it did not happen overnight. They will also tell you that ,beard just like a flower garden, needs a lot of maintenance. Nothing good comes out of the blues. So, if you need to grow beard faster, you must be prepared to work for it. Let us begin by understanding how to beard grows and develops.
best ways to grow beard faster
Understanding beard growth and development

Why do men grow beard while women do not? Why do some men grow thicker and longer beard, while others grow scattered, short beard? The answer to these questions lies in the hormones.

Two hormones namely the DHT (dihydrotestosterone) and T (testosterone), determine beard growth. These two hormones are at very low levels in women, and this explains why they do not grow beard. In men, the levels of these hormones will determine how easy beard grows, its density and length.

Testosterone in particular promotes the thickness of  beard and stimulate the actual facial hair follicles. On the other hand, dihydrotestosterone increases the linear growth of the facial hair and the density of the facial hair growth. In addition to these hormones, the strength and proper functioning of the androgen receptors in the facial hair follicles determines the  beard growth. Any intervention for faster beard growth should be aimed at either increasing the two levels of hormones or increasing the reception by the androgen receptors.

Genetics also play a pivotal role in beard growth. The different genes determine the intensity and rate of natural beard growth. Age is also important in  beard growth  and facial hair growth. If your body is still growing, you may realize that the rate of facial hair and beard growth is slower. At an advanced age, the rate of  beard growth and facial hair growth may also slow down. From the age of 20 years and older, you should be able to nurture and grow a long, thick beard.

As stated above, although genes play some role in the development of beard, many other factors also affect the rate of growth as well. Some question always came in your mind why can’t I grow a beard, how long does it take to grow a beard, how to grow a fuller beard.Here is what you need to know if you want to make grow beard faster

The Ultimate Guide on How to Stimulate Facial Hair Growth Naturally

1. Take care of the entire body health for beard growth

If you want to grow beard faster, you must work on improving the general health and condition of the body. This is the starting point. Without a healthy body, any intervention will not produce the desired results. Thus, if the body is not healthy, then you cannot grow a healthy beard. This means you must check on what you eat. Ensure the meals you take are rich in minerals, vitamins and proteins. Foods rich in proteins include fish, eggs and beans. Vegetables are also recommended as they contain minerals and vitamin which stimulate the facial hair growth naturally in the body, including your beard. Avoid junk foods and sugary drinks which may be of little or nutritional value to the body.

Avoid stress:

Stress has a negative effect on all the body activities. It will interfere the normal functioning of the body, including the production of  hormones which stimulate the facial hair growth, including beard. Take time to relax and avoid anything that depresses your moods and causes stress to the body.

Get adequate rest.

Ensure you rest for about eight hours every day. Stress and fatigue affects the hormonal balance in the body, and this may hamper the beard growth. Avoid anything that interferes with the quality of sleep, such as stress, alcohol, caffeine, or abuse of drugs and other substances.

Get into exercises:

Also highly recommended is regular exercises to improve the circulation of blood in the body, promoting the facial hair growth and also beard growth. Cardio exercises, which cause the cardiovascular system to operate at optimum, are the most recommended exercises for beard growth. Develop a workout plan, which involves the right exercises and diet.

2. Take the right vitamins

For proper beard growth, the body needs to be supplied with the right vitamins. There are various vitamin supplements out there, but the natural sources are most recommended. Good, natural sources of vitamins include fruits and vegetables. Take fresh fruits such as apple, bananas, mangoes, oranges, guava, pineapple, and beet root. Take lots of veggies including kales, spinach, cabbages and cauliflower. If you cannot get the recommended vitamins in these natural sources, you may take some recommended supplements, such as biotin, a popular dietary supplement, which improves the rate of growth of the nails and stimulate facial hair growth. Also recommended for the facial hair growth are vitamin B supplements.

3. Exfoliate the skin

A beard will only grow if you take good care of the skin. Gentle scrubbing and exfoliating  beard area at least once every week will help get rid of the dead cells which develop there. This will help to stimulate facial hair and  beard  growth. Ensure you do this every morning and in the evening before you surrender to bed. Afterward, rinse the face with warm water. You can also use medicated or antibacterial soap, to keep bacterial infections at bay. The cleaning of the face will encourage  beard growth.

4. Proper skincare

The beard grows on the skin. The first step in having a healthy beard is by having a healthy skin. When you take care of the skin, you will see the beard grow faster. Ensure you develop a simple routine of skin care and religiously follow it. As stated above, Use a brush or scrub to exfoliate the skin and get rid of the dead cells which may lead to the development of dandruff and itching in beard. This should be followed by washing the face with some warm water. You can use the regular facial cleanser or face wash for washing the face. You can also apply enriched beard moisturizer as it encourages the development  and facial hair growth..

5. Massage the beard and the facial area

The facial massage can help stimulate the circulation of blood. Get a professional massage therapy, or you can have it performed at your home. The improvement of  circulation of blood and relaxation of the blood vessels in the facial area will support the growth and development of healthy beard.

6. Take note of ingrowth and deal with it at earliest instance

Most men are not aware if the presence of ingrown hair. Be on the watch out and identify this development at the earliest instance possible. If you discover some patches on the beard area, in which facial hair does not grow, or grows in an uneven manner, you should find out why. If for instance, you have a scar on the beard region, the growth of facial hair may be stifled at that point. Ensure you allow the beard to grow before trimming or taking any other measures to grow it.

7. Do not trim or shave the beard

Any interference with the normal growth and development of beard will have serious setbacks. For instance, if you trim the beard, it will lead to itch as it grows. The beard may need some grooming, but that should be done when it has grown to the level you desire. In any case, the grooming should trim the tips of the beards, but should not touch the base using any beard trimmer. Shaving or trimming the beard when it is still growing will seriously reduce its rate of growth. Some people allege that trimming the beard regularly causes it to grow fast. This is a myth you should not believe in.

8. Stay properly hydrated

Body dehydration has a serious negative effect on the beard growth. A dry skin will lead to the development of dandruff on the beard. Take a lot of water to ensure the body is supplied with the right amount of hydration for beard growth. Avoid caffeine and other carbonated drinks which may dehydrate your body. It is loosely recommended that you should take at least 8 glasses of water every day.

Home remedies to grow beard faster

Home remedies are now believed to offer the best solution to most of the problems that we encounter. In fact, you should try the homeopathic remedies before attempting any other intervention.

The mixture of coconut oil and rosemary:

One of the best known homeopathic remedies for faster beard growth is coconut oil. Dip a cotton ball in coconut oil and use it you massage the face. Rosemary oil can be mixed with the coconut oil in order to enhance its effects. Applying the oil three times every week, on the beard, will stimulate facial hair growth. These oils are readily available in the market, but the most recommended are the organic varieties. Organic refers to oil harvested from trees grown without the use of fertilizers, pesticides and other chemicals. Note that some products in the market may be described as organic when they are really not so. Ensure you buy any product intended to be used for the beard and facial hair growth from trusted sources.

The mixture of cinnamon and lemon:

These can help stimulate the facial hair growth naturally. Take grinded cinnamon bark and lemon juice in the ratio of 1:2 then apply the solution on the face, more specifically on the beard area. Use cold water to rinse off the solution after leaving it there for 20 minutes. If applied regularly, the solution will stimulate facial hair growth naturally.

Applying Amla oil:

Amla oil is a good natural remedy for the growth and development of facial hair, including the beard. It is widely believed to have properties which help speed up the rate of beard  growth. Gently massage the face, apply the oil and then leave it for about 20minutes. Use cold water to rinse the face then wipe it clean. Regularly apply the oil, and you will realize positive results in few months.

Overcome the itch: one reason for shaving

The ugly itch that may develop when the beard is growing is the main reason why many men choose to shave. It is important to understand what causes the itch, so you can overcome it.

The causes of itch:

The leading cause of beard itch is dry skin. When the skin on which the beard grows gets dry, then expect an itch. To avoid drying of the skin, you should remain properly hydrated by taking lots of water. You may also apply moisturizer on the skin and the beard. Another cause of beard itch is clogged skin pores. As the beard pushes its way out of the clogged pole, there will be the development of an itch. Frequent shaving also causes itching of the beard. The first time you let the beard grow you may have to deal with itching, and you need to be prepared to persevere for a while.

How to overcome it:

You can overcome the itch if you keep the skin moist, exfoliate the skin, and be prepared to withstand the minor temporary itch. Once you know how to overcome and withstand the minor itch, then you are on the right path to growing the beard. The following are the other simple things you need to hasten the rate of beard  growth.


These interventions may take some time before you begin realizing the quick beard growth. You must be very patient if you really want to see positive results.

All the above-suggested methods have varying degrees of success in different men. None is 100% effective for all the people, and none will make the beard to grow overnight.

The beard will take some time to grow the dream level. Dedication and consistency are important in the growth and development of long, thick beard.


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