How To Fix A Patchy Beard

Fix Patchy BeardIf you want to fix patchy beard (bald spot in beard), opt for tried and true measure for stimulating the development of facial hair. Those methods are explained here.

What is a patchy beard?

Alopecia Barbae is the scientific name given to beard patches. It is not really a stress-induced condition but an auto-immune disorder. It happens when the male body starts generating antibodies that damage hair follicles at some parts of a man’s face, causing facial skin that is deficient of hair.

The size of beard patch ranges from a quarter to a nickel. The shafts of hair that surround the patch are very delicate and can easily be pulled when scratching, cleaning or combing the beard. As far as the patch itself is concerned, it hurts at times or has a burning sensation. And nobody with patchy beard knows whether the condition is dormant or if it will keep on spreading. It is therefore important to learn how to fix patchy beard.

Why is My Beard Patchy: Rationales For Patchy Beards

Why si my beard patchyIt is easier to assume that if a man grooms and shaves his beard regularly he will not develop beard patches. This is not true especially for those who are blessed with dark hair. The bad news is that the patch could cause more loss of hair which might go past beard and reach the eyebrows or the scalp.

Medically, there is no sure proof of what leads to attack on the beard’s hair follicles but there are several factors associated with this condition.

1. Genetics

If your family has a history of atopic illnesses, the problem of a patchy beard is more likely to happen to you.

Every follicle on your face was transferred to you when you were conceived in your mother’s womb. No new beard follicles grow apart from the ones you received from your parents (unless you do get a transplant as will be explained later). So, if you have seen pictures of your ancestors with patchy beards, then you know the reason you have patches on your facial hair.

2. Young age

Patchy beards are normal in the young age. Naturally, boys start developing beards during puberty and continue to grow in their teen years. At twenty, that is when the beards get thicker. It should be fully grown at the age of 25 for any man who can grow a beard.

3. Poor health

Unhealthy diets and stress are some of the factors that hinder proper development of facial hair. If you want to grow a fuller and stronger goatee, you must consume lots of natural proteins, vitamins and other essential nutrients like zinc. For the vegans and those who don’t eat enough proteins, they have higher chances of developing patchy beards.

4. Damaged facial hair follicles

Damaged facial hairIf you disturb your mane by excessive styling or poor shaving methods, the follicles may become damages and develop patches. Other things that can damage the follicles include harsh beard products, dehydration, and extreme weather.

5. Low levels of testosterone

The most common feature of a man with low male hormones is a thin beard or no beard at all. If the supply of these hormones is low, facial hair growth is hampered.

Unlike the growth of other types of hair like the eyelashes and eyebrows, beard relies heavily on the level of androgens in your body. Androgens are the compounds that lead to the formation of a masculine physique and the main androgen in a male’s body is the testosterone.

Testosterone brings about manhood and causes critical physical changes including muscle growth and beard development. It is, therefore, food for the beard. Testosterone sends signals to dermal papilla (a structure in beard hair follicle) to activate the hair matrix hence causing more hair growth.

6. Poor blood flow

If a part of the cheek experiences weaker blood circulation, fewer nutrients, vitamins, and testosterone reach the area. This can result in a thin beard or no beard on that part.

Methods To Fix Patchy Beard & Fill In Patchy Facial Hair

Truth be told, there are many patchy bearded men in the world. Some people think that it is not possible to fix patchy beard because it is all in the genes. If you are a patchy-bearded guy, take heart. First of all, the condition must not make you feel less of a man. Don’t fret. There are various solutions which are research-based as explained below.

A patch can happen over the course of weeks, months, years or even overnight. The first time a patch forms, not so many men pay attention to it until it starts getting bigger. Studies show that earlier detection and treatment increases chances of reversing the problem completely.

1) Testosterone booster can fix patchy beard

A healthy and strong beard is highly dependent on testosterone. The reason most men go bald with time is that the level of good testosterone diminishes with age and estrogen starts to increase. A testosterone booster which comes in form of a supplement is good, especially for older men. Alternatively, you can embrace testosterone-friendly lifestyle by taking the right type of foods. The good side of this supplement is that it is a regulated substance.

Once you take the testosterone booster, it will be metabolized by follicles of your beard into a new androgen known as dihydrotestosterone, which is a stronger version of the natural testosterone. This substance will cause rapid hair growth on your face at a much faster rate than the normal.

To convert testosterone into dihydrotestosterone, an enzyme known as 5-alpha-reductase is required by the follicles and if it is low, then the level of dihydrotestosterone will be very low. So, these two substances are equally important; if they are insufficient, the dermal papillae will not effectively utilize testosterone to trigger hair matrices to generate hair. And there is no way you can grow bears if the hair matrices are not triggered to do so.

If this sounds confusing to you, here’s an explanation: every hair shaft on your beard is like a seed covered up by a follicle. For the seed to sprout, it needs water (testosterone) to grow. The enzyme inside the beard hair acts like a germ that takes the water and uses it for hair creation. If there is little or no water, the seed cannot develop in a proper manner. If the germ lacks inside the seed, no growth occurs.

2) Groom yourself

Perhaps your facial hair is brittle. To prevent further damage, there are beard grooming products you should apply.

Beard shampoo:

If you adore your beard, you must not lack this product in your arsenal. The shampoo will make your facial hair grow thicker, longer, and healthier as it dissolves and eliminated the excess sebum that collects around hair follicles. It also protects the shafts from premature falling.

One of the compounds found in beard shampoo is niacin whose function is to expand blood capillaries on the hair follicles so that they can take in more nutrients. It should be used alongside other treatments such as lipogaine and minoxidil for better outcomes.

Quality beard conditioner:

Do not use just any conditioner; use one that is specifically manufactured for the beard. It will heal the remaining hair strands and make the sprouting ones stronger. Look for a beard conditioner that is easily absorbed in the follicles and the beard hair strands.

The best way to use a conditioner is during a hot shower. As the steam open up your pores and separates the strands, the conditioner gets absorbed quickly. You should rinse away the excess conditioner and towel dry your beard.

Beard oil:

Beard Oil For Patchy BeardThis is the other product that will maintain stronger and thicker beard. Beard oil consists of hair-friendly nutrients and vitamins and acts as a moisture sealant around the roots of your facial hair.

Beard balm:

It is almost like beard oil but is in solid nature..You can make beard balm at home for use. To apply it, melt it between fingers and massage your goatee. It will aid in the healing of damaged hair follicles and will help to shape your beard once it solidifies

Take care of your mane like a child. Clean it daily, moisturize it, and comb it to eliminate beard dandruff and itchiness.

3) Beard transplant to fix patchy beard

If all methods fail to work, a transplant should be your option. The transplant may be taken from your head through surgery and transferred to your chin. A qualified doctor will ensure that no scar is left and that healing occurs quickly. The procedure is, however, expensive but very effective.

4) Adopt a healthy nutrition regimen

Part of the reason for a patchy beard is poor health. If you are unhealthy, chances are that you don’t have enough vitamins in your body. Beard growth multivitamin can help in this case- it has all the minerals and proteins to rejuvenate stunted hair and trigger growth of new hair follicles.

Healthy Diet For Patchy BeardYou can also consume a protein supplement if your body lacks sufficient proteins. Protein from both plants and animals do well. Hair is protein in nature and that is why you need to increase your intake of such meals as lean meat, legumes, fish, eggs, and dairy products. Keratin is the protein that makes up hair. Keratin is made up of amino acids which the body cannot produce naturally. You should, therefore, take protein-rich foods to boost the level of keratin. Without amino acids in your body, how can your body manufacture facial hair?

You also need to take lots of vitamins such as vitamin A (beta-carotene). It Helps to repair broken tissues and facilitates more hair growth. It is one of the nutrients you need for faster hair growth and you can get it from carrots, egg yolks, and kales. Vitamin C and E are the other nutrients your facial hair requires for moisturization and lubrication of beard. The vitamins are found in citrus fruits, greens, and sunflower seeds. If you want to promote the health of skin under beard, you need vitamin B12, B6, and biotin. These three compounds prevent loss of hair caused by stress and are found in poultry products, legumes, and fish.

The other elements your patchy beard need are fatty acids (omega 3s). They will keep your facial hair from getting brittle. Take them from fatty fishes, walnuts, and flax seed.

Do not forget to adopt a healthier lifestyle by sleeping well and reduce your stress factors. If you can sleep for 8 hours per day, you can boost your level of testosterone and minimize chances of production of cortisol (a hormone that causes stress). The other healthy lifestyle measures include taking enough water on a daily basis and reduce your intake of alcohol because it dehydrates the body as well as facial hair.

5) Use beard growth cream to fix patchy beard

Perhaps you have tried a better lifestyle and taken the testosterone booster but the beard patches don’t go away. You have one final option besides beard transplant- minoxidil cream.

This cream forces the beard follicles to grow. It is a natural element that causes beard to burst with wonderful hair strands. Note that you have to continue using it indefinitely because if you quit, your beard patches will form again.

6) Beard recovery ointment

It is one of the most efficient solutions for patchy beards. It is basically a combination of plant extracts and nutrients which prevents the body from attacking hair follicles.

These extracts and nutrients facilitate re-growth of facial hair. Unlike other types of ointments that suppress immunity, this product brings your immune system back on track and revitalizes the hair follicles. It is very effective for autoimmune hair loss.

Final Thoughts
A patchy beard is not something you can write home about. If your love for a thick beard is deep but you have patches, this is a big hindrance to enjoying your life. Now that you know the biological reasons for the patches, hopefully, you will find a nice fix. You’d be better off using the natural and proven methods.

Ensure that you give enough time for your patches to get fixed. The very first thing you should do to fill up your patchy beard is to allow it growing a beard patchy and resist the temptation to trim it. Wait for a month at least without putting a razor on it. This will enable you to track its direction and identify the actual patchy or bald spots. Keep it tidy and trim the jawline and with time, the patches will disappear. Note that there is no universal growth rate for beard and it all depends on an individual. And what works for another guy might not work for you.

As your beard improves, make sure that you style it strategically. Use the right brushes and combs and try to cover up the patched spots with the full beard.

Here is a rapid progress for your beard!


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